Printer Ink: Generic Cartridges Vs. Name Brand Cartridges

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Printer Ink: Generic Cartridges Vs. Name Brand Cartridges

Personal inkjet printers are getting cheaper all the time. You can pick up a good desktop printer for less than $50, but the ink cartridges will cost close to that amount every time you need to replace them. It might be worth it to consider buying store or generic brands, instead of the name-brand ink cartridges. Read on for your options.

Do You Print Mostly In Either Black Or Color Ink?

If so, chances are you run out of one ink cartridge while your others are still full. Buying sets of one color and one black is usually a few dollars cheaper than just buying a single cartridge. But buying a set each time you run out of one will just result in a shelf full of duplicate cartridges.

Instead, consider a generic ink cartridge for just the one ink you habitually go through faster, like the ones sold by Castle Ink. Castle Ink guarantees their cartridges with a money-back offer. Search by your printer manufacturer. The company stocks generic ink cartridges for Epson, Lexmark, Canon, HP and several more major printer brands. As with brand-name ink cartridges, if your colors appear off soon after changing cartridges, don’t be alarmed. You can either wait a few pages for all the ink to make its way through the cartridge or conduct a nozzle-cleaning on your printer.

Do You Print Mostly Photos or High-Quality Graphics?

If your printer or the photos you print require super premium ink, don’t think that you can’t buy generic ink cartridges. Choose from a reputable supplier like Peachtree Inks. Peachtree guarantees their generic ink cartridges are filled to the original manufacturer's specifications. Their cartridges are spot-tested for quality and must meet international quality certification levels. With ink cartridges such as the individual color inks for the Canon Pixma models (favored by photographers and stationery designers), you don’t have to worry about your generic magenta ink looking noticeably inferior to your brand-name cyan ink cartridge. All of Peachtree Ink’s generic cartridges have computer chips installed, so your printer will recognize the ink cartridge as soon as it is installed. You won’t have to guess if your ink is about to run out or waste expensive photo paper on a washed-out print.

Do You Want To Make Your Ink Cartridge Last Even Longer?

Remanufactured ink cartridges are empty brand-name cartridges that have essentially been refilled with ink. InkCartridges.com offers remanufactured inkjet cartridges, such as the high-yield black ink for the Lexmark 18C0034 model. All their cartridges come with a money-back guarantee. Since the cartridge is rebuilt from both used and new parts, your printer might not register that a remanufactured ink cartridge has new ink in it. Because you will need to use the ink cartridge for a while to see if it had a full yield in it, look for a seller that has a long return policy, like InkCatridges.com’s one-year guarantee. The website carries remanufactured ink cartridges for select HP, Lexmark, Canon, Dell and Epson models.

Do You Want To Try To Refill Your Original Cartridges?

Refillable ink kits are a double whammy: They can extend the life of your cartridges while cutting down on waste. But, trying to refill your own cartridges can be messy not only at the time of refilling, but also while the cartridges are installed in the printer. Because you need to puncture a hole in the cartridge to refill it, there is a chance it will seep ink occasionally.

Also, read your printer’s warranty carefully to make sure that using a refill kit won’t cancel the warranty. If you decide you want to give an ink refill kit a try, you can find some for several different printer brands, such as the Canon CL models at 123inkjets. Typically one refill kit contains enough ink for several refills. Replace the ink soon after your cartridge runs out for best results, and be aware that reusing ink cartridges can damage your printer’s printheads.

Inkjet printers can often cost as much or even less than the refill cartridges. If you want to keep printing without breaking the bank, consider switching to generic cartridges. You can also try remanufactured cartridges or even refilling your original ink cartridges. Many people think that generic ink is inferior and will clog your printer nozzles. The amount of companies selling generic ink cartridges to satisfied customers proves that statement false. Knowing your options, you can decide between generic cartridges or brand-name cartridges for your ink printers and save some money.

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