Buyer's Guide To Budget-Friendly Portable Heated Products

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Buyer's Guide To Budget-Friendly Portable Heated Products

During the cold winter season, nothing feels better than cranking up the heat and creating a warm paradise inside your home. However, doing that will put your electric bill through the roof.

Instead, there are many heated products you can use as an alternative to stay warm. These heated products are also portable, perfect for being on the go. Heat is also a fantastic way to relax your muscles if you are stiff or have pain. Whatever the reason, if you need portable heated products, here are some products that might be the perfect fit.

Need Some Extra Warmth Outdoors?

Sometimes it can be so cold outside that normal “warm” clothes just don’t cut it. Heated gloves are a solution for those who easily get cold hands. Your extremities will be the first thing to get cold in chilly weather, so the extra battery powered heat will help you keep warm.

You can also use heated socks both indoors and outside for additional measures. Heat escapes through your feet, so keeping your toes warm and cozy will make you feel much warmer without lots of layers.

Want To Be Warm Without Layers?

Getting dressed for the cold can be a hassle. Too many tirisome layers and soon, you won’t even be able to enjoy your time outdoors. Instead, consider getting come clothes that have built in heat.

This Cabela’s Women’s Heated Fleece Jacket and Columbia Electro Amp Men’s Jacket both turn on and warm up with the push of a button. While these jackets are more expensive than any regular jacket, they can be a great investment – you’ll only have to carry and wear one jacket instead of many, and these jackets are certainly built to last through tough weather.

Want To Be Extra Warm And Comfy At Home?

Do you enjoy curling up in a blanket after a long day to shake off the cold? A heated, electric blanket will help you warm up even faster. These fluffy wonders are already thermal as blankets, but with the flip of a switch, they heat up further to the perfect cozy temperature. If you don’t have a heater or simply want to keep your electric bills low, heated blankets are perfect for keeping the cold out. They are also battery powered, so you can be at ease with the surrounding temperature wherever life takes you.

Need Pain Relief On The Go?

Heat is a natural remedy for pain. A heating pad is an effective alternative to pain killers or makes a great addition. However, most heating pads require wall sockets.

Instead, try out these disposable heat pads, such as the Beyond BodiHeat Heating Pads and the Hotteeze Self Heating Pad. Both of these heating pads are activated when opened. After a few minutes, they will heat up to maximum temperature and stay warm for up to 12 hours. They stick on securely to your body, just like a giant bandage. After the heat has run out, simply toss it away in the trash. These little self-heating pads are perfect when you are out and still need some relief from the cold.

Whether you are just trying to keep warm inside or you are braving the chilly winter weather, all of these heating products can help keep you nice and toasty. Whenever you make a purchase that uses batteries, make sure that you also buy some backup batteries, so you will always have an energy source on hand. Always stay safe and remember to turn up heat settings slowly to avoid accidental burns. Keep warm and have an enjoyable winter!

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