Style Guide: How To Wear Plaid For Women

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Style Guide: How To Wear Plaid For Women

Plaid is no longer limited to the ranchers, lumberjacks and Scottish pipers of the world. Now, it's also a favorite piece in the modern woman's closet. With such versatility, plaid can be worn day-to-day for casual occasions or even be dressed up to fit a business environment. Break that old-fashioned bond between your flannel shirt and your cowboy boots – it's time to move on to swankier pastures.

Refrain From Wearing Too Much Plaid All At Once...

Too much plaid can make you, and those who see your outfit, dizzy. It’s a bold and often colorful pattern, so you may want to pair plaid with neutral pieces that balance your outfit. For example, a classic option is to wear a fitted plaid shirt with black jeans and short boots, which gives your shirt the attention it deserves.

... Unless You Have Mastered The Plaid Pattern.

If you are feeling daringly confident, carefully bend the previous rule by mixing plaids that have different sized checks (pattern of squares) and colors. For example, a plaid shirt that is very faint in color with small checkered pattern would unexpectedly work well with a louder, multicolored plaid coat.

Be Brave, But Don’t Be Too Bold: Mix Your Patterns.

But just like with mixing multiple plaids, be careful which patterns you choose! The safe route would be neutral solids. But, if you can confidently pick out another pattern that is understated enough – such as lighter colored with thin stripes – then go for it. That way, you still maintain a clear contrast between the designs, rather than one overwhelming jumble of bold patterns.

Think Outside The Plaid Check: Don’t Stick To One Material.

Most people immediately think of flannel when they think of plaid. Although flannels are a plaid favorite, give other materials a try, such as lightweight cottons, chiffon and other sheer fabrics. These fabrics usually make for a more playful appearance.

Shorts, Skirts And Sweaters, Oh My!

As plaid continues to grow in popularity, it has made its way from primarily shirts to coats, jackets, sweaters, pants, skirts and even bathing suits. Plaid simply knows no clothing bounds! Vary your plaid clothing pieces so your outfits won’t become boring.

Plaid Can Be Fit For A Lady.

Pick out plaid pieces that have feminine touches through girlish colors, cuts or details. A modest length and cut like this Carve Designs Seneca Dress will make heads turn.

Plaid Doesn’t Need To Take Center Stage.

Experiment with plaid by adding it to different pieces of your outfit, but not all at once. While you can make plaid the main point of your ensemble one day via plaid patterned clothing, the next you can simply add a subtle touch of plaid with the help of a plaid accessory, such as a plaid clutch. Plaid can be understated through small details on articles of clothing. A shirt doesn’t only have to solely be plaid; it can have design that includes a dash of plaid instead.

Play Dress-Up With Vintage Inspired Plaid.

Embrace a little bit of history: Plaid works delightfully well in clothing cut and sewed as if it belongs in the 1950s. Try a nostalgic piece with details like a full skirt, a bow neck or a Peter Pan collar. You’ll be sure to charm onlookers with this darling getup!

Wear Plaid In The Workplace.

Plaid is typically considered a more casual pattern. However, with the right styling, it also is suitable for the workplace. Tuck a more modestly cut plaid shirt in a long, office-appropriate dark skirt. Keep the rest of your accessories and shoes subtle to make the outfit classy and proper.

Wear plaid the right way with the help of these style tips. Plaid doesn’t have to stick to its outdated stereotypes and can become one of your stylish closet staples instead.

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