How To Buy The Best Picnic Basket For You

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How To Buy The Best Picnic Basket For You

After sitting inside all week attending class or work, the weekend calls for enjoying a beautiful day outside. Whether solo, with a partner or in a group outing, use a picnic hamper or basket to carry a delicious meal to your favorite park, lake or beach. Although picnic baskets, also called picnic hampers, are the go-to choice for picnicking, there are plenty of options available with additional utilities and different designs.

Do You Enjoy The Traditional Picnic Basket?

Wooden and woven picnic baskets and hampers emit a sense of dreamy nostalgia. As the most tried and true version, this traditional choice has a classic look and one main space to host items. Etsy has plenty of beautiful vintage versions, or you can choose a wicker basket that shuts with faux leather and brass clasps and has a suitcase style handle.

Do You Want An Inclusive Picnic Set?

Rather than buy the picnic basket alone and then purchase picnic-appropriate dining tools separately, try buying one comprehensive picnic set complete with utensils and plates.

This Picnic Plus Largo set comes in an externally old-fashioned wicker material, with compartments to securely hold two bottles of wine and provides stainless steel flatware, cotton napkins, a wine opener and two wineglasses. For a larger and pricier version, the Picnic Time Windsor Picnic Basket has a sturdy willow construction with leather accents and is perfect for four picnickers. It even includes a hardwood cutting board, a cheese knife, salt and pepper shakers and a fleece blanket, among other picnic necessities, carefully tucked away in straps and pockets.

Would You Rather Carry Picnic Supplies Hands-Free?

Picnic backpacks might not resemble classic baskets, but the modern design is rising in popularity—and with good reason. Use the adjustable straps to balance your picnic’s weight evenly across your back for less strenuous transport than a picnic basket or hamper. Picnic backpacks are made with polyester, a material that is both durable and light, permitting valuable insulation.

The Picnic Time Zuma insulated cooler backpack is a common choice among picnickers. Its top mesh section can hold items such as clothing or towels, while its bottom polyester section for hot or cold food and drinks has ThermoGuard insulation and a heat-sealed, water-resistant lining. If you like the all-encompassing picnic set idea and want it in backpack form, this Sutherland backpack style bag is ideal. Its components can service four picnickers and include stainless steel silverware, coffee cups, dinner plates, wineglasses, a vacuum flask, a cheese knife and more. Best of all, everything fits in just one backpack!

Does Your Picnic Consist Solely Of Wine And Cheese?

For a small snack that only consists of wine and cheese, look to a smaller picnic tote specialized for such a menu. These carriers are suitable for an outdoor concert, during a firework display or simply a romantic picnic at the park. An elegant tote such as the Picnic Time Moka Duet has all the essentials for serving a wine and cheese course, including two compartments lined with Thermoguard insulation for your wine.

Are You Going On A Solo Picnic?

It’s perfectly acceptable to have a picnic alone, with your own selection of food, drinks and maybe a book to enjoy while you dine outside. For a solo picnic, a simple lunchbox or bento box that you may already own is adequate. No need to purchase any new supplies; a picnic by yourself is easy to do!

Does Your Child Want To Join In On The Picnic Fun?

Let him or her join in on the fun with a toy version of your grown-up picnic basket. Your mini-me will feel particularly included with his or her own Alex Toys 18 Piece Picnic Basket Set that has a traditional wicker basket, blue tin dishes and plastic ware to serve four special guests.

Are There More Than Four Picnickers In Your Group?

If you have a bigger group than four, choose a larger basket rather than tote around more than one. This Picnic Time Metro Insulated Basket is collapsible for easy transport or storage. Meanwhile, it can also inflate to accommodate more items, thanks to an expandable drawstring top. The basket’s ThermoGuard high-density insulation will keep food and drinks cold. This versatile basket is also great for a tailgating event or for shopping at the farmer’s market.

Whether you choose a traditional wooden basket or end up with a modern, polyester picnic backpack, make the best out of your picnic in the beautiful outdoors. With delicious food and drinks, enjoy your precious time alone, with a loved one or with friends and family!

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