A Buyer's Guide To Pet Travel Gear And Accessories

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A Buyer's Guide To Pet Travel Gear And Accessories

When you leave home to travel and explore the world, you want everyone to come along – including your furry friends. Pets are just like family, and leaving them behind can be lonely for all those involved. Plus, you might have to spend extra money for a caretaker, depending on how long you will be gone.

Traveling with pets is much easier now; many airlines, hotels and even theme parks have adopted pet friendly regulations. Before you take off, check out some of these must-have pet travel gear and accessories when traveling with your pets.

Flying With Pets?

Securing your boarding passes, getting through security and finding your gate are already challenging enough on a busy travel day. If you plan on taking your pets on a plane, make sure you get to the airport even earlier so you have enough time to check them in as well.

Only cats and dogs are allowed on planes; any other pets require additional arrangements. Double check your airline’s specific cage size requirements and fees. Pets need reservations just like people because the airline will only allow a certain number of pets on board, so book your reservations far in advance. Some destinations also have their own set of rules, and some breeds of animals may not be allowed. Always contact your airline before purchasing any non-refundable or non-transferrable tickets.

Need A Small Animal Carrier?

Whether you are traveling by plane or by car, your cat or small dog will need somewhere to stay. If you are traveling by plane, a Suncast Fold Away Pet Kennel is a great option because you can usually get away with a bigger carrier if it is collapsible. It’s also a good choice for traveling in the car because you can pop it up when needed, but your pet can ride in the car freely the rest of the time.

If you need something sturdier, a simple Plastic Carrier will also do the job. Add a few small blankets and their favorite toys so that they feel at home!

Flying With A Large Dog?

Large dogs will have to be checked with the cargo, so they will need a big sturdy cage. However, you’ll want something that’s easily collapsible to make the rest of your trip easy. This Pet Gear With Fleece Padding is great for big dogs because it comes with a handle and wheels, so transporting your heavy pooch won’t be a problem. This Black Folding Crate is also a great choice when traveling because it can completely collapse and is easy to store when not in use. Also purchase a Crate Pad to keep your dog warm and comfy.

Going Camping?

If you will be enjoying the great outdoors with your pup, you might want to consider getting its very own pet tent so it has a special space to relax and sleep. If you want something simple and functional, the PetEgo Umbra Portable Pet House is a perfect solution. Even with a tent, make sure that you have a sturdy collar or harness and a leash for when your pet is outside.

Going Somewhere Cold?

Even if you object to dressing up dogs, a little pup will need a sweater to keep warm in cold weather, especially if it belongs to a short hair breed. Even a dog that doesn't like wearing clothes won’t mind a warm dog sweater.

There are many different styles, colors and sizes to fit you and your dog’s needs. If your dog needs the warmth but doesn’t really welcome the idea of pooch clothes, try getting a sweater without a hood and make sure the arms aren’t too tight. If the sweater fits a bit looser and does not have any extra, bothersome decorations, your dog might welcome the sweater with open paws once it realizes how cozy it can be.

Need Portable Essentials?

Your pets will need access to food and water just like at home. However, normal dishes take up a lot of space. For a cheap, portable solution, the Pet Life Double Folding Travel Bowl is ideal. These little waterproof bowls can easily be zipped up and stored – no mess and no taking up too much space! For long road trips, this Jolly Pets Road Refresher is great because it reduces spilling and slobbering to keep you and your car clean.

While you are on your trip, your pets should also feel healthy and happy. Remember to abide by any and all rules on your trip, as laws can vary by state and by country. Visit pet friendly locations so that both you and your pets will have a trip to remember!

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