Best Pet Costumes For Halloween

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Best Pet Costumes For Halloween

By now, your dog has become a loved member of the family. He's in the annual family photos, he sits by your side on the couch during reruns of "Friends" and he enjoys a generous helping of human food every night. Naturally, he will join in on the Halloween festivities as well. So as you're hustling to get your own costume together, don't forget your furry friend—cat or dog—might also want a costume to play pretend.

Is Your Pet Destined For Stardom?

If your cat meows when it hears “Like A Virgin” or your dog howls the instant “Jailhouse Rock” comes on, it’s probably communicating the burning desire to dress up as a pop sensation this Oct. 31.

Any dog or cat would look like a million bucks in this Pup-A-Razzi Pop Queen Costume with a gold bustier, cone bra, blonde wig and faux mike headset. Or, your pet can also rise to fame with the Nothing but a Hound Dog Pet Costume, bearing a startling resemblance to Elvis when it wears the printed cape, scarf, wig and novelty sunglasses. The costumes will fit most dog breeds and sizes, from a bichon frise to a toy poodle to a golden retriever, for a chance in the coveted limelight.

Want To Dress Up With Your Pint-Sized Counterpart?

Who needs a human significant other to dress up with on Halloween when you have a better-behaved pet? Put a creative twist on a couple’s costume with your dog or cat by your side instead. Plenty of good things come in two. Pick one idea for yourself and then its counterpart costume for your loyal companion—don’t be afraid to experiment with a DIY method for costumes you can’t find pre-made!

Does Your Pet Want To Play A Bad Guy For Halloween?

Of course, we prefer when our pets are obedient and don’t chew up the pillow cushions or pee on the new carpet. But on this special holiday, your dog and cat are allowed a one-day pass to at least look like they are up to no good.

Reveal your dog’s identity as Luke’s father with the Star Wars Darth Vader Pet Costume, and let your cat embrace its inner villainous wackiness with the Batman Dark Knight Joker Costume. Last but not least, dinosaurs can be pretty menacing. If you choose to dress a pet in the Raptor Costume, keep it away from mirrors and a subsequent self-inflicted scare!

Does Your Pet Not Have A Bad Bone In Its Body?

But maybe your pet purely cannot be bad to the bone and favors to be one of the good guys. Is the whole family, including the family pet, actively involved in the fight against breast cancer? If yes, then the Pink Ribbon Pet Costume is a perfect choice for your dog or cat.

Or, maybe your pet needs a cape to fully utilize its powers. The Wonder Woman Deluxe Costume not only has a belt with an attached red cape, but also attached arms and a yellow headpiece. And if Wonder Woman needs help to fight off any villains, recruit Batman Dog for another Super Dog to help fight all evil.

Will Your Pet Not Mind Being The Butt Of Food Jokes?

Dogs and cats are friends, not food. But on Halloween, they sure make for hilariously adorable food items. It’s impossible to go wrong with bacon, and who can better pull off such a costume than your favorite pet?

But if you are vegetarian and even the sight of bacon makes you feel a little nauseous, dress up your pet with the Chiquita Banana Pet Costume, a disguise that is rich in potassium and bound to make any bystanders smile. All dogs wearing the Tootsie Roll Dog Costume should beware of being mistaken as the chewy chocolate treat, particularly when trick-or-treaters are out in full force.

Come one, come all for participating in the fun holiday of Halloween and dressing up in costume—even the family cat or dog! Just make sure you have dog treats or catnip handy to reward your pet afterwards for being such a good sport.

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