Peplum: A Dos And Don'ts Style Guide

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Peplum: A Dos And Don'ts Style Guide

A peplum is fabric constructed into a flounced ruffle, gather or pleat, typically at the waist, resembling a small skirt. After the revival of peplum on fashion runways and the red carpet, the peplum trend has shown up in clothing stores everywhere. But even without the same body type as fashion models, you too can pull off the peplum look. Read on to find which version of this smart and sexy style deserves a spot in your closet.

DO Wear Peplum If You Have A Straight Figure.

Peplum is ideal for those who want an hourglass figure. An article of clothing with peplum is typically slimming at the waistline, with slight volume added to the hips by the ruffle. Flared peplum is best for a boyish shape because the gathered material is pronounced, creating the illusion of curves.

DO Wear Peplum If You Have A Curvy Figure.

Ignore those who claim peplum is only suitable for straight figures. Like with a boyish shape, the chic ruffle is a slimming mechanism for the waist of a curvier body shape. But instead of creating the impression of curves, it accentuates the feminine curves you already have. Win, win. Choose a fitted or structured peplum to highlight an hourglass shape. Avoid peplum where the ruffle sticks out/up very far.

DO Wear Peplum If You Are Top Or Bottom Heavy.

If you want to balance out your upper body, the added volume around your lower body will make your silhouette more evenly proportioned, defining the waist and hiding the tummy.

For a pear shaped body, the right peplum ruffle will also help to conceal any unwanted curves of the hips or bottom. Wider hips will look best in a less structured peplum shape.

DO Keep The Rest Of Your Outfit Simple.

A peplum design demands attention, so let it be the focal part of your ensemble. The look celebrates a classically clean and sharply cut structure. As a result, avoid mixing aggressive prints or loud material.

DON'T Overdo The Peplum Trend.

Peplum upon peplum upon peplum is not only a mouthful to say, but also overwhelms your body and onlookers. Never mix a peplum top with a peplum skirt, or even worse, add a third peplum piece like a jacket. One peplum can produce a desired illusion of the body, such as an ideal chest to waist and waist to hip ratio. Any more might do the opposite.

Conversely, one exception is an intentional double peplum design. This is better for the straight figure because of the design’s bigger volume.

DO Use A Peplum Top To Flatter Your Tummy.

When worn as a top, a peplum can be flattering on the stomach. The ruffle conveniently lies over your stomach to serve as a neat little camouflage. Balance your look by pairing a peplum top with an unpretentious and narrow bottom, such as a solid colored pencil skirt, mini-skirt or A-line skirt. You can also opt for shorts to look more casual, or pick out a pair of skinny jeans or pants.

DON'T Shy Away From Other Forms Of Peplum.

Besides peplum skirts and peplum tops, there are also jackets and dresses sporting the versatile peplum look. A peplum blazer adds a very pulled-together, refined edge to any ensemble. Blazers are already structured pieces of clothing, and an elegant peplum adds to the geometric focus.

A peplum dress is a playful, yet stylish take on a typical dress silhouette. As with the rest of peplum designs, choose a tailored and otherwise unelaborate dress. A dress with longer peplum, as pictured above, is more elegant; a shorter peplum is a sassier version of the trend.

DO Experiment With Color Blocking.

When done right, peplums are all about balance. Color blocking is another fashion trend that has the ability to balance visually. Combine the two for a doubly effective fashion trend. Wearing a darker color on top and a lighter color on the bottom will draw attention away from a larger bust. On the other hand, the opposite will minimize a larger bottom.

The fit/flare peplum style is a trend that any woman can pull off, regardless of body shape. Just be mindful of its structure and design, and the look will be a longtime wardrobe favorite.

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