Buying Guide To Patio Furniture Accessories

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Buying Guide To Patio Furniture Accessories

Patio furniture is a big investment. You want your outdoor area to be a true living room and the accessories you choose to coordinate with your patio furniture help create a complete cohesive look. It must meet your needs, withstand the elements and coordinate with your existing furniture. Here are a few ideas to help you create an outdoor room you’ll never want to leave.

Will You Need Additional Lighting On Your Patio? 

Chances are your patio light won’t be sufficient lighting. When choosing additional outdoor lighting, look for a fixture that is sturdy enough not to get knocked over in the wind, but can be moved from one area to another should your entertaining needs change. A good option, especially if your decorating tastes skew towards Asian is the Woodard Japanese Garden Patio Floor Lamp.

If one light isn’t illuminating enough, how about a string of lights? While strings of lights outlining a porch screams Christmas, lights hung up in the backyard, or overhead on the patio sets an overall mood in the patio area. Lantern lights will work with many different design styles. Colored lanterns will blend in effortlessly with an Asian theme, while white ones would work in a more country or beach decorating space. For a neutral look, the Smith & Hawken 10-bulb string is a good choice. The small metal lanterns are three inches long, making them big enough to be noticeable, but not so big that they take the focus away from the rest of your patio furniture and accessories.

Do You Need To Protect Your Patio Furniture Or Have Storage Space On the Patio? 

If you are decorating a vacation home, or plan to spend time away from your primary residence, you will probably need to invest in patio furniture covers to protect them from the elements while you are away.  If your patio table is round, Terrazzo Round Patio Round Table and Chair Set Cover from Classic Accessories is a good choice. Constructed of heavy-duty material designed to withstand snow and rain, the patio cover can be thrown in the washing machine if needed. With loops that fit over the chair legs, the cover will stay in place even in windy conditions.

When the wind does kick up, you don’t want your seat cushions or pool toys to fly away. Storing them in a chest keeps them clean secure when not in use. Frontgate’s Outdoor Patio Storage Chest can also double as additional seating – the sturdy chest can handle the weight of several adults. It’s primary function, however, is to keep all your patio ephemera safe and dry during non-entertaining times. The chest is designed to keep the interior contents dry and ventilation holes ensure that those same contents don’t take on a musty odor while stored away.

Do You Plan On Having Plants On Your Patio?

Greenery can greatly add to your outdoor living space. While landscaped gardening areas are a popular choice, you may decide that individual planters serve your needs better. With this method, you can rearrange your space as your tastes and needs change. Bench planters allow for additional seating while giving you a space to show off your green thumb. The raised bench planter from Adam’s All Natural Cedar has a removable bench in case you want to separate the planters. The cedar material will blend in with several different natural décor options.

If you’d rather build your own patio planter, Lowe’s has a detailed project for a cedar planter. Or, you might want to create an outdoor container garden. Liven up your patio area with a collection of fresh herbs, small fruits or greens. The Vegtrug Patio Garden allows you to grow a salad in one container right on your patio. It’s unique V- shape adds an architectural detail to your patio. The planter even won the 2012 Green Thumb Award for Outstanding New Product.

Do You Need Outdoor Heating?

Sitting in front of a fire pit or outdoor heater can create a warm atmosphere even in the dead of winter. Even on summer evenings, temperature dips could put an end to outdoor entertaining without the addition of a heating source on your patio. Fire pits remain a popular and chic option.  For a clean, modern look, consider purchasing the Stainless Steel Square Fire Pit from the BBQ Guys. It uses natural gas and comes in either a square or octagon shape.

Whether your patio is a tiny concrete slab or a multi-tiered cedar planked wonder, you want it to reflect your design tastes and provide you hours of enjoyment. Your patio should be an extension of your home’s indoor living space. Choosing your patio furniture accessories carefully ensures that your entire patio area meets your needs and provides you with many years of enjoyment.

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