The Best Gift Of The Month Clubs Guide

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The Best Gift Of The Month Clubs Guide

Whether young or old, everyone loves getting a gift. Just try to keep a smile from spreading across your face as you unwrap a present given to you by a loved one. A monthly gift club spreads that joy throughout the year, bringing you a new goody every month. And there are gift clubs for just about anything you can imagine.

  • Wine
  • Flowers
  • Bacon
  • Dessert
  • Crafts
  • Purses
  • Ties

Whatever it is you can’t resist, you can find a gift club to bring it to you on a monthly basis, and at a cost savings over buying separately. Whether you are looking for a holiday gift for a family member, friend or coworker or just to pamper yourself, there’s nothing like the fun of waiting for the UPS man to bring you a package.

Do You Want To Bring Home The Bacon?

If you really love your sliced pork goodness, then imagine receiving not one, but two 1-pound packages of gourmet bacon each month. But this isn’t just any old bacon, this is thick, succulent bacon that doesn’t shrink or splatter in the pan and is hand-rubbed with spices, such as honey BBQ, apple cinnamon, jalapeno, maple, brown sugar, cajun, vanilla bourbon and sundried tomato.

With the “Bacon is Meat Candy” Club, you can choose a 3-month membership ($145.95), 6-month membership ($269.95) or an entire year of bacon goodness for $475.95. Each membership includes two pounds of bacon in a variety of flavors each month, a tee shirt emblazoned with “Bacon is Meat Candy” and a recipe catalog full of delicious ideas for cooking your strips of meaty joy.

Do You Scream For Ice Cream?

So creamy, so sweet, so good. If your idea of heaven is a bowl of gourmet ice cream, then you will love the Ice Cream of the Month Club from Flying Noodle. Each month you will receive four 1-pint containers of different and delicious gelatos and ice creams made with all-natural, fresh ingredients.

Made by world class, specialty producers across the country, none of the selections are available nationally. These are some of the best gourmet ice creams available anywhere. Choose from 3-month ($152.85), 6-month ($299.70) or 12-month ($587.40) options, and get ready for the whole family to scream for ice cream.

Are You Crafty?

These aren’t your old girl scout troop crafts. With For the Makers, each month you receive a box with all the materials and directions needed to create four separate crafts. These are stylish, designer-inspired crafts with quality materials and easy-to-follow instructions. Typical projects include: hair ornaments, necklaces, bracelets, belts, notecards, earrings, cell phone cases and key rings. Each kit is $29, and you can sign up for one month or up to an entire year.

Do You Love It Hot?

If a bottle of hot sauce is always on your table, you add the fiery spice to all your cooking and jalapeno is just mild as far as you’re concerned, then you’ll love getting a dose of fire with the Hot Sauce of the Month Club. You will receive two full-size bottles each month (generally between 5 and 8 ounces) of hot sauces from the most exclusive restaurants, chefs and award-winners. These sauces are hot and come with a newsletter describing the monthly selections and discount offers.

Choose from a 3-month ($56.85), 6-month ($107.70) or 12-month ($203.40) membership. Your eyes will water, your ears will shoot smoke and your mouth will smile as you sample these finely crafted hot sauces.

Do You Look Forward To A Cold Beer?

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Though it’s not true that Benjamin Franklin uttered that famous quote, he probably thought it. If you feel a similar sentiment, then you’ll really feel the love with a monthly shipment of a dozen handcrafted bottles of beer. These aren’t supermarket beers; these are the finest microbrews from boutique breweries across the country.

Selected by beer experts for taste, color and limited availability, your monthly box will contain up to four varieties from two independent microbreweries.  Selections can include ales, pilsners, lagers or stouts, so you’ll enjoy sampling all of your favorites. Choose from a 3-month ($101.85), 6-month ($197.70) or 12-month ($383.40) membership, and have your bottle opener ready.

Do You Want To Liven Up Your PB & J Sandwiches?

If your kids (or you) are tired of the same old grocery store peanut butter and grape jelly smeared on white bread, then mix it all up and go crazy with the PB and J Club of the Month. You’ll get a jar of peanut butter (on occasion, it might be a different type of nut butter, such as almond or cashew) and a jar of jelly each month.

But these aren’t the commercial brands found on the supermarket shelf. These are gourmet selections from small, specialty producers across the country. Along with traditional jellies like strawberry, apple or blueberry, you might receive exotic treats like bumbleberry, cranberry/peach, plum pomegranate or blackberry guava daiquiri jam. Choose from a 3-month ($64.99), 6-month ($128.99), 9-month ($192.99) or a full year of variety for $256.99.

Do You Want To Pamper Your Furry Friend?

If you want to reward your faithful dog with a monthly shipment of all-natural, specialty-flavored dog treats from the finest canine bakeries around the country, then sign up for the Dog Treat of the Month Club. You’ll get a pound of doggy treats that will make Rover sit up and beg for more. Each month is a different flavor and shape that is guaranteed to get your pooch’s tail wagging. Choose from 3-month ($59.85), 6-month ($113.70) or 12-month ($215.40) memberships.

If it’s better to give than receive, why not multiply that by giving a gift that just keeps coming month after month? No matter whom you are buying for, a gift-of-the-month club is a great way to make someone feel special and thought of throughout the year.

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