6 Steps To Throwing The Ultimate New Year's Eve Bash

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6 Steps To Throwing The Ultimate New Year's Eve Bash

If you have decided to ring in the new year by throwing the ultimate New Year's Eve bash, only to realize you're not really so sure how to get that party to live up to its promise of being the ultimate in anything, you're in luck. It's not quite as hard as it seems.

Putting together a fete that ends with as memorable of a bang as midnight fireworks – it's all about planning ahead and paying special attention to all of those little details that make up one glittering success of a celebration.

1. Set A Personal Schedule For Planning And Prep

You may have said something along the lines of, “Procrastination always ends up making me put out my best work ever!” for last year’s party – as it turns out, waiting until the last minute doesn’t work so well in this instance. Consider your options to that will help you stay prepared:

  • Day Planner: Whether you’re interviewing a caterer or need to remember to place a food or flower order, failing to plan ahead can result in major disaster.
  • Notebook: A place to track the 20 different lists you’ve got going.
  • Bulletin Board: Good old-fashioned push pins, magazine tears and ideas you found online and printed out – tack them up. Seeing your inspiration is more helpful than you may realize.
  • Tablet: Why not? It’s a good excuse to buy one! Look for interesting ideas online, carry your calendar and notes with you and reference your virtual inspiration board – all without toting around multiple and heavy print-outs and notebooks.

2. Are You In Need Of Some Fantastic Music?  

The radio isn’t going to cut it. If you have your own playlists ready to go, remember to set up speakers (your laptop speakers won’t be loud enough) or a docking station for your MP3 player. Then again, you could always ask a friend to play DJ for the night or hire one who will ensure a professional, all-encompassing experience.

3. Do You Need Ideas For A Visually Memorable Party?

A few plastic bags of party favors sitting on the table in the foyer does not say ultimate bash. Think about aesthetics and an overall desired vibe.

  • Décor: Streamers, tablecloths, balloons and a Happy New Year banner – so essential.
  • Glass Markers: “Is this your wine glass or mine?”
  • Party Favors: Feather boas and noise makers – a party isn’t a party until it gets a little loud and a lot carefree.

4. Make The Night Extra Special

Clear off that bulletin board used for planning and re-purpose it during your party. Provide sticky notes and a ton of fine-tipped Sharpies over a snack table. Ask friends to write down a resolution and stick it up onto the bulletin board as a conversation piece.

5. Worrying About The Food And Drinks?

Yes, you could hire an expensive caterer, but you have other options. So put down that paper bag – this is no reason to hyperventilate.

  • Buy Serving Trays: Whether you spring for fancy sushi or chips and queso, as long as you’ve got something pretty to serve it on, you’re in good shape.
  • Choose Disposable Items: It’s an option that will save you a ton of clean-up time. Avoid washing dishes by going for the fancy disposable dinnerware and silverware instead.
  • Hire A Bartender: Whether a pro or a friend, having someone else tend the bar means you’re off the hook. If your friend is simply serving drinks, but you’re doing the planning, stock your bar with usual cocktail fare and remember the essentials, like wine glasses, shot glasses, cocktail glasses and accessories.

6. Are You Creating An Invite List?

Unless your parties are always packed thanks to word-of-mouth invites, consider your options.

  • Snail Mail Invites: Invitations just make parties feel a little bit more official and special.
  • Internet Invites: Keep it virtual to save money and the environment, and so friends can easily invite other friends, if you are allowing it. Facebook Events and Evites are a couple of ways you can utilize the Internet.

Remember, the key to throwing an ultimate NYE bash is keeping the celebratory spirit about ringing in the new year as lively as possible. Plan something special for the New Year’s countdown, whether it’s watching the ball drop on television or donning silly party hats and popping open a bottle of bubbly. As long as you’re surrounded by good friends, midnight is sure to be a moment to remember.

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