MP3 Docking Stations For Every Budget And Style

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MP3 Docking Stations For Every Budget And Style

If you are old enough to remember when the Walkman was the ultimate in portable music convenience, then you can truly appreciate the extraordinary compactness and capacity of today’s MP3 players and smartphones. These modern wonders are smaller than a deck of cards, yet have the ability to store thousands of songs, pictures, videos and information.

While you probably mainly listen to your MP3 player through headphones, there are times when you don’t want to be tethered to the device or want others to be able to enjoy your playlists. For those times, a docking station will convert your iPod from a personal music player to a stereo system that all in the vicinity can enjoy.

Remember to choose one with the features most suitable for your needs. Make sure that it is compatible with your smartphone or MP3 player. While docking stations accept most up-to-date devices, if you have an older generation, it might not be compatible. Avoid disappointment and inconvenience by checking before buying.

If You Want to Charge Your iPod While Listening to Music

Charge your iPod while listening to music with the Cyber Acoustics Portable Digital Docking Speaker. Just set your iPod or iTouch in the charging well and enjoy excellent sound quality while your device charges. You can plug the docking station into a wall outlet or run it on four AA batteries for portable sound. A rear auxiliary input can be used for non-iPod devices or iPod Shuffles. 

If You Need Something Small and Portable

If you are just looking for tiny speakers that are perfect for traveling, look no further than the iHome Rechargeable Mini Speakers. These tiny gems have one cord that plugs into both speakers, your MP3 playerand your computer or wall USB charger. Once charged, the speakers play for hours before running down, letting you enjoy music from your MP3 player anywhere – even in the car. The tiny speakers pop up to only a couple of inches tall, or compress and fit together in a handy little travel bag that you can toss into your luggage, purse or glove compartment. 

If You Want To Use Your MP3 Player As An Alarm Clock

No need to jolt awake to the harsh beeping sound of a traditional alarm clock. With the Sony Clock Radio for iPod, you can dock just about any iPod or iPhone and wake up to music that you love. Not only that, your iPod will be charging, so when you wake up, your device will be ready to go. An FM radio is built-in, allowing you to listen to the news, weather or talk radio while you get ready to start your day. The brightness of the display is adjustable, so if you prefer darkness while sleeping, you won’t be disturbed. And the handy timer lets you fall asleep while listening to your iPod, knowing it will automatically shut off when you want it to. 

If You Want A Docking Station That Looks Really Cool

Combine function and style with the Speakal iCrystal Stereo Docking Station. Compatible with just about every iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone, the iCrystal features two speakers with a unique, teardrop shape illuminated with a blue glow. These speakers deliver quality, 360-degree sound, filling your room with your favorite songs. Retro and yet futuristic at the same time, the iCrystal has touch controls for adjusting volume and controlling your iPod. The device charges your MP3 player for music performance without interruption. A handy remote control lets you work your iPod from across the room, and an auxiliary input allows connection with just about any device that uses a standard mini cable. 

If You Want A Docking Station For Your Kid’s Room

There’s no reason your kids shouldn’t enjoy listening to their favorite songs while relaxing in bed, doing homework or playing with friends. And just about any child will love the adorable Speakal iPig 2.1 Stereo Docking Station. Shaped like a pig, the iPig is cute, but don’t let the appearance fool you into thinking it doesn’t deliver great sound from its five speakers. Touch the ears to adjust the sound or use the remote control. The iPig is compatible with most iPod and iPhone products, and an auxiliary input lets you use it to play non-Apple devices. 

Headphones are great for listening to your MP3 player while exercising, working in the yard or enjoying music late at night when your housemates are sleeping. But if you want to fill the room with sound, a docking station makes it easy.

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