How To Buy The Best Mineral Makeup For You

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How To Buy The Best Mineral Makeup For You

Mineral makeup companies tout their products as superior to traditional makeup. They claim that their products have fewer preservatives and are gentler on the skin. The truth is, however, not all brands are equal. While many products are made with quality ingredients, even more companies are simply jumping on the "mineral bandwagon." Read on to find out the best mineral makeup brands for your needs.

Do You Have Sensitive Skin?

Mineral makeup can be a great choice for people with sensitive skin. Typically, mineral makeup is made without skin irritants, such as chemicals, fragrances and dyes. When looking for a mineral makeup suitable for sensitive skin, make sure it does not contain fillers such as talc and bismuth. Not only will it be gentler on your skin, but you’ll get more product for your money without the fillers.

Philosophy's The Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas SPF 15 is “oil-free and does not contain talc, fragrance, paraben, and water,” according to the product description. It comes in three shades and with its own attached applicator.

Do You Want Sun Protection?

Finding a mineral makeup with at least some sun protection is relatively easy. Most of the major brands contain at least SPF 15. Discovering a product with an SPF higher than 15 is a little more difficult.

Bare Escentuals is a pioneer in mineral makeup. While most of their products contain SPF 15, their bareMinerals READY foundation has an SPF of 20. The solid foundation comes in 20 shades and increases skin hydration by 108 percent, according to product advertisements.

Do You Want To Ease Into Mineral Makeup?

If you’ve never tried mineral makeup, you might not want to jump into the deep end on your first foray with mineral foundation. There are several good options for mineral blush that are ideal for first-timers.

Afterglow Cosmetics is a line of organic, all-natural mineral makeup. Their organic infused blush comes in eight flattering shades and is packed with good-for-you ingredients like grape seed, pomegranate, grapefruit and rosemary extracts.

Do You Prefer The Consistency Of Liquid Makeup?

If you prefer the consistency and texture of liquid makeup, but want to reap the benefits of mineral makeup, you have several options. Liquid makeup is best for those with dry skin.

Jane Iredale’s Liquid Minerals product won the Natural Health Beauty Awards Best Foundation Award in 2008. It comes in 18 shades and is vegan and gluten-free, and the liposome delivery system allows the formula to contain more minerals than typical liquid formulas.

Do You Want To Upgrade From The Included Brush?

Mineral makeup’s texture is designed to ensure even, natural coverage. But if you’re using an inferior brush to apply the foundation, you’re not going to get the smooth finish you want.

Bella Terra’s Italian Kabouki brush is ideal for applying mineral makeup. Designed to work in conjunction with Bella Terra’s products, the animal-free, cruelty-free brush is great for all brands. The synthetic fibers are firm enough for application, yet gentle enough that it won’t hurt delicate facial tissue. As with all brushes, keep yours in top condition with a cosmetic brush cleaner.

Transitioning to mineral makeup shouldn’t be a confusing endeavor. With a little knowledge before you hit the cosmetics aisle, you’ll know exactly which brand and formula is perfect for you.

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