How To Find The Right Man Bag (Or Murse) For You

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How To Find The Right Man Bag (Or Murse) For You

In today's world, guys don’t have to be a macho man in order to be cool or attractive. As this shift in what it means to be a man has taken place, there have been all kinds of changes to the world of men's fashion. One of the more popular trends among fashion-conscious guys is the male purse, also known by the cheeky name of "murse." This allows guys to have a handy bag for toting their stuff, while still retaining their stylish and masculine appearance.

What Should I Look For In A Murse?

Many guys have never gone shopping for a bag before—at least one that’s not related to luggage or sports. While women often go shopping for purses, some guys don’t really know where to start when it comes to picking out a murse. Here are some specific features to look for or consider when picking out a murse, before you decide on a style:

  • Size: Consider how much you want to pack into your murse in a typical day. If you want to pack a tablet or laptop, be sure to know the measurements before you go shopping.
  • Pockets: What smaller items will you pack in your murse? Look for at least one convenient pocket that will fit your keys, phone and wallet. You may want additional pockets for other items, such as headphones, chewing gum or important documents.
  • Strap: Always try a bag on before you buy it to see how it feels. Note whether the strap is adjustable and if it feels comfortable on your shoulder. Check if there is also a short handle for when you don’t want to use the longer strap.
  • Buckles/Snaps: See how the bag opens and closes. Some bags have buckles that take longer to unlatch while others have a simple Velcro or magnet closure. Think about whether it is convenient and suitable for the way you’ll use your bag.
  • Material: If your bag could get wet or dirty, make sure you buy a murse made from a durable, water-resistant material that’s easy to clean. If you’ll be able to take good care of your murse, consider getting a more upscale one made of leather.

What Are Different Styles Of Murses?

Plenty of guys are interested in getting their own murse, but it can be pretty tricky to figure out which one will work best for them. There are thousands of options nowadays, so here’s a simple guide to picking a murse style that suits your fashion sense and practical needs:

  • Are You Modern? Modern guys know that a men’s bag can have a convenient vertical shape like this Le Donne Distressed Leather Men’s Day Bag. However, another popular modern style is the messenger bag, like the Hermitage Messenger Bag from Cole Haan. Either one is trendy yet masculine.
  • Are You Traditional? If you have an old-school sense of style, you’ll like a bag with minimalist touches and a classy appearance. Check out the Tony Perotti Roman Modern Double Gusset Flap Briefcase.  It has the briefcase look along with a long strap for easier carrying.
  • Are You Tech-Savvy? If you’re carrying around a lot of technology products, there are plenty of murses that will make life easier for you. The Keen Langley Universal Computer Case is sleek yet practical with extra pockets and a fleece-lined laptop sleeve.
  • Are You a Tough Guy? The rough-and-tumble types don’t go for bags that are too sleek. Instead, they want something with an edge. A great example is the Zeyner Vachetta Black Leather Laptop Briefcase. It’s basically like carrying a cool leather jacket instead of wearing one.
  • Are You a Low-Maintenance Guy? Does shiny leather and fancy features make a bag seem too formal for you? Then you’d probably feel a lot more comfortable with something like the Topman Walker Satchel from Nordstrom. It has a great worn-in, no-frills look that’s perfect for a low-maintenance guy.
  • Do You Need to Carry A Lot? It used to be that there were stylish large bags for women and scruffy looking duffle bags for guys. Today, there are much more stylish options for guys who need a larger bag for a weekend trip. For the sportier guy, check out the Banana Republic Weekender Bag. Meanwhile, the business-minded man can check out this Mad Men-esque Nevada Collection Cabin Bag from Jack Georges.
  • Do You Need to Carry A Little? Guys looking for a murse will come across the problem of many bags being quite large. It’s really tough to find a small men’s bag, but the Manhattan Portage Vintage Messenger Bag is a good affordable option. If you want something more upscale, take a look at the Salvatore Ferragamo Trilogy Small Messenger Bag.

Whatever style of murse you choose, the main goal is for it to be a functional bag that really helps you get your things from point A to point B. And don’t forget – you can have more than one bag to go with different outfits and styles.

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