Making The Cut: How To Choose A Flattering Hairstyle

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Making The Cut: How To Choose A Flattering Hairstyle

Changing your hairstyle can be as fun as updating your wardrobe and, just as you would only buy clothes that flatter you, your hairstyle, too, should flatter you. At some point, we all want to give ourselves a makeover – a refresh in style – that will update our look or simply help us feel better about ourselves. The key to a successful hairstyle change, however, is not the change itself, but the exact style which you choose. Read on to learn how to choose the most flattering hairstyle for you.

1. Know Your Face Shape

Before you decide to change your look and take a big leap with a drastic hairstyle, be sure you know what will and won't work for you. Decide which face shape you have: oval, round, square, heart, triangular (or pear), diamond or oblong.

2. Flatter Your Face

The key to a perfect hairstyle is not necessarily the quality of the hairstyle, but the way it frames your face. You may have gone to a top notch salon, but if you ask for the wrong haircut, your time and money spent may as well be a waste. Just as clothes should flatter your best features and body, your hairstyle should also play the same role when it comes to your face.

3. Be A Copycat

Once you know what face shape you have, look at images of celebrities with the same face shape and bone structure as you. They've already done the homework for you and have tried out the hairstyles that are most flattering for your specific face shape. Once you have an idea of what you want, cut out some pictures for you to take to your stylist as a guide.

4. Let The Experts Help

Another great way to find out which hairstyle will look best on is by asking the experts. Your hairstylist has the knowledge and advice to help you decide on the best cut for your face. It also helps to go in already knowing your face shape, as well as what will and won't work for you. Having an idea of what you want will help your stylist guide you better toward the best hairstyle for your face shape.

5. Common Face Shapes

So what works for each specific face shape? Below are the most common face shapes and what type of haircuts compliment each face shape the best.

Oval: People with oval faces can consider themselves lucky. Oval faces are considered ideal as this symmetrical face shape can essentially pull off any hairstyle. From short pixie cuts to long, layered locks, the oval face is free to try it all.

Round: People with full faces generally have full, undefined features and therefore require hairstyles that will give definition and length to the face. Elongate the appearance of a round face with hair past the chin or longer, as well as create the illusion of cheekbones with textured layers and ends that frame the face.

Square: People with square faces are characterized by strong, wide, straight foreheads and jawlines. Minimize the appearance of such a broad face shape with long, face-framing layers (avoiding sharp or angled cuts) and softening curls.

Heart-Shaped: People with heart-shaped faces are defined by wider foreheads and smaller, pointy chins. The best hairstyles and cuts for this type of face shape will balance out and add volume near the chin through chin-length hairstyles (or layers) that have texture. Side-swept bangs can also help narrow the appearance of a wider forehead.

Triangle: Opposite from the heart-shaped face, people with triangular faces are characterized by narrower foreheads and wide jawlines. Similar to the heart shape, the key is to balance out the narrowness of the forehead with volume and tapered layers near the jawline.

Knowing your face shape and complimenting it with a suitable haircut can make a big difference in your overall appearance. It can help to accentuate your best features and draw attention away from your less favorable facial aspects.

So the next time you visit your hairstylist, don't just ask for your favorite celebrity's latest hairstyle. First, consider whether that style would look the same on you and whether you and your celeb share the same face shape and bone structure. You may have to go a different route in the end, but at least you know that your new hairstyle will be one that flatters you like no other could.

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