The Perfect Leather Jacket: A Shopping Guide For Women

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The Perfect Leather Jacket: A Shopping Guide For Women

Leather jackets began their fashion conquest in the form of bomber jackets, worn by military men and pilots in the early 1900s. Since then, leather jackets honed their cool factor via Hollywood and pop culture, as well as provided protection for actual motorcyclists. They have also become a staple in the style scene with many interpretations of the iconic jacket, especially in women's fashion.

General Tips For Leather Jackets

  • Go For a Fitted Jacket: Leather jackets are not coats. They’re jackets, and should fit your body accordingly. Pick a size that is comfortable, but still snugly hugs and flatters your body. Slim sleeves should end at your wrist, and the jacket’s bottom should stop at your waist. Anything oversized, or with too much material, will look awkward in the leather material.
  • Experiment With Your Ensemble: The leather jacket has a powerful ability to complement a tough ensemble one day and add an edge to a girly outfit the next. Play with your jacket and switch up its style. While it will look at home in a getup of black skinny jeans, an Iron Maiden muscle tee and combat boots, the leather jacket will also effectively transform a Victorian white lace dress paired with delicate gold jewelry and ballet flats.
  • Try Out Different Designs: If you’re shopping for your first leather jacket, go for a classic choice and cut that will be in style for the long-haul. Most classic leather jackets are in a biker style, have an off-center zip-front, a fold over collar and zipper collars. If you’re ready to branch out into additional and distinct leather styles, there are many jackets available in an assortment of colors, with a variety of embellishments and more.

Do You Have The Funds For Real Leather?

Real leather jackets are normally made by big name designers, hence their substantial price. However, a decent leather jacket of great quality is well worth the steeper price tag, due to the style’s ongoing presence in the fashion world.

If your budget permits the purchase of a leather jacket, invest in a classically designed jacket, rather than one that is super trendy. You are more likely to get your money’s worth with a timeless piece, instead of seeing the trendy jacket go out of style sooner than later. Pass on the studs and colors, and stick to a dark neutral of brown or black.

Are You On A Budget Or Simply Prefer Faux Leather?

Of course, real leather is not for anyone. Whether you are disgusted by the thought of wearing real leather or would rather purchase a jacket without spending more than $200, go for a faux leather, or vegan leather, design.

TIP: The faux leather jacket commonly tends to have a plasticky feel and look to it, depending on the material, workmanship and successive price. Although faux leather jackets’ quality and look have somewhat improved as time and technology progress, spend more than $30 if you want a softer and better looking faux leather jacket.

Are You Going For A Tough Girl Look?

Without any embellishments, leather jackets already look pretty tough. But when you add the extras of stud or spike detailing, you’ll undoubtedly fit in with the “baddest” of any punk crew. This genuine leather biker jacket by Badlands has stud detailing all over its front surface and a belted waist. 

Do You Want A Fun And Quirky Look?

Thanks to innovative designers, leather has been making unique appearances in jackets, such as with ice blue and blush color block sleeves or a crop jacket with a long fringed back. Other possible features include sheer chiffon sleeves or lace detailing. 

You can also experiment with colors. For example, a red leather jacket will guarantee that you’ll stand out against any crowd.

Do You Want To Keep Warm?

With their thicker and fur material, shearling leather jackets are perfect to keep wearers warm. Most good quality shearling-lined jackets usually fit in a higher price range. Check if the jacket’s collar is detachable for further practicality. 

Invest in fashion that will be a mainstay in your closet, like a leather jacket. Whether you use it to dress up for a more formal setting or dress down to stay casual, the leather jacket will keep you looking fashion forward.

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