8 Easy Steps On How To Organize A Garage Makeover

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8 Easy Steps On How To Organize A Garage Makeover

Organizing a garage takes time, but it isn't that difficult. You can take a weekend or two to do it, or you can work on it in 15-minute increments over the course of several days or weeks. The important thing is to resolve to clean out your garage and take action to get it done. Here are eight important steps for organizing your garage.

1. Make A Plan

Figure out what you want to use your garage for. Will it be primarily a place for parking your car, or do you want to make space for working on household projects? Other things to consider are the storage space available for holiday and seasonal decorations, luggage, camping and sports gear, overflow pantry and household supplies and car supplies.

Determine what your needs are and develop a plan to achieve your vision. Do this by making a list of what you want to put on each wall of your garage or making a sketch of each wall showing where you’ll put the categories you’ve selected. 

2. Assemble A Crew

Ask your friends or neighbors to help you, and you can return the favor the following weekend.

3. Sort Your Stuff

Begin by sorting everything in the garage. Put all items in boxes labeled with the categories you’ve created in your garage plan. This will help you determine what you use and want to keep. Clearly mark the boxes or storage containers. Create areas where everything in each category is to be placed. You can color code them if you like.

4. Donate Or Dispose

After you've separated the items that you want to keep, you're left with the items that need to be recycled, sold, given away or thrown away.

Due to the widespread emphasis on recycling and reusing unwanted items, most communities have places that will take your unwanted items.

Try selling your unwanted electronics on Craigslist.com. Take clothing and usable household items to the thrift store or a charity organization. You can ask friends or relatives if they want your old baby items, blankets and barbecues. Check your county’s recycling department for information on where to take construction materials, fax machines, appliances, flower pots, sports equipment and other items.

Dispose of paint and chemicals properly.

Anything that’s broken, place in the trash.

5. Shelves And Storage

Now that you know what you want to keep, you can decide on what storage containers, shelving and cabinets to buy.

Measure the spaces you have to make sure everything you buy will fit. Park your car in the garage and open all the doors when you do your measuring. That way you won’t get units that are too deep and interfere with getting in and out of your car.

Storage shelves are a good choice because they’re easy to assemble, and you can put boxes and bins on top of them. Look for steel shelving if you want durable storage for heavy-duty items. If you select aluminum shelving, find out how much weight the shelves will hold.

Cabinets are more expensive and harder to assemble. However, you can achieve a neater look if that’s important for you. Consider a lockable cabinet if you store pesticides, pool chemicals or hazardous cleaners in your garage.

Racks offer a good way to store gardening tools and sports equipment. Pegboards and hooks are great for tools and gardening implements.

If you have a large amount of tools, a tool bench and storage unit for them are essential.

Open bins may be a good choice if you store recyclables in your garage. Don’t use them for storing clothing or other fragile items because they could become dusty, wet or damaged by insects or rodents.

6. Lighting

If you have just a single light bulb in your garage, you may want to upgrade your lighting. With better lighting, you’ll be better able to find what you need in your newly organized garage.

7. Hired Help

If you have trouble sorting and parting with your belongings, seek help from organizations such as Clutters Anonymous.

8. Maintenance

Once your garage is organized, don’t revert to your old habits. Sort items before you put them in the garage. And don't let friends and relatives use your garage as a storage space.

Cleaning out the garage is a job that many people often put off for years. However, just getting started is half the battle. Once you begin, keep going until you’ve gotten rid of stuff that is broken or you’ll never use again. You’ll love the new space you’ve created in your garage. You’ll be able to find what you need and your old, dingy garage will take on a new look and an important role in your life.

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