Makeup 101: How To Introduce Makeup To Young Girls

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Makeup 101: How To Introduce Makeup To Young Girls

The great thing about being the parent of an adorable little girl is just watching her be an adorable little girl. Everything from giggles to peek-a-boo, tea time to dress up, your little girl will always be your little girl, no matter how old she gets. But some day, your little girl will start to grow up and take interest in things other than Barbie dolls and bubbles. She's going to want to wear makeup and, as much as you wish she wouldn't, she eventually will.

However, you can help her along the way and show her the ropes of wearing makeup, even from a young age. It's all about how you handle the matter and guide her that will help her remain your little girl, while growing up gracefully and appropriately for her age. Here are 6 things you must know about introducing makeup to your daughter.

Wait For Her To Initiate

Unless your daughter begins to show interest in makeup, it's always best to just let her be a free-spirited girl with a clean face. Some girls may show interest in wearing makeup at a younger age than others, so as soon as she begins to play with your makeup or asking your questions about wearing makeup, it's time for you to sit down and talk to her.

Consider Her Age

Some girls as young as 7 years old can begin to show interest in and a desire for wearing makeup. While this is alarming for many parents, the matter should be handled with reason and confidence. Meet your daughter half-way and show her what is acceptable for her age. Look through age-appropriate magazines together and make note of how young models and celebrities wear their makeup naturally. Some manufacturers offer cosmetics lines for younger girls, so consider these, and hypo allergenic products, when beginning to shop for makeup with your daughter.

Take Baby Steps

Start with simple basics; girls still in grade school can be appropriate with sheer or glittery shades of nail polish and sheer lip gloss. Moving on to middle school, girls can begin to wear clear mascara; neutral, peachy shades of eye shadow; and perhaps a light, sparkly shadow for special occasions. High school teens can begin to experiment with eyeliner and masacara in softer tones like brown and charcoal, as well as subtle blush on their cheeks and light, tinted moisturizers to smooth out any blemishes on their faces.

Guide And Supervise

No one is born a master cosmetologist, so supervise your daughter from the beginning and show her the best techniques to apply makeup. Teach her to be conscious about what is appropriate for certain occasions and special events, and encourage the less is more approach; makeup should accentuate her natural beauty, not mask it. Remember, young girls have naturally clear, flawless skin, so why ruin it with too much makeup? Guide her in the right direction from the get-go so that she can soon begin to make the best decisions on her own.

Don't Forego Good Habits

One of the best things you can teach your daughter about wearing makeup is to remove it. It is never a good idea to sleep with makeup, regardless of how much or how little one wears. Sleeping with makeup causes clogged pores, increasing pimples and breakouts. Additionally, falling asleep with eye makeup can cause eye irritation and redness. Teach your daughter the importance of a good skin care routine and to remove all makeup and wash her face thoroughly before going to bed.

Lead By Example

Before young girls start to experiment with makeup, it is important to teach them the importance of inner beauty and self confidence. What you exemplify in front of your daughter can carry over into her ideals and stay with her through life. Show her that you are confident in your own skin with or without makeup, and she will view herself in the same manner. The key here is to teach her to appreciate and embrace her own natural beauty and not depend on cosmetics as the only thing to make her look and feel attractive.

There is nothing wrong with playing dress up and getting creative with makeup as a child – it's only part of growing up – but if not guided in the right direction, young girls can begin to feel that they are only as good as they look.

Before you teach your daughter how to apply makeup, make sure you teach her that she is worth more than a pretty face with makeup and to value herself upon her personality and intelligence, before anything else. Do this, and the rest will come easy.

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