5 Tips On How To Dress Like A Hipster

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5 Tips On How To Dress Like A Hipster

What's the worst insult to call a hipster? A hipster. These fashion-forward individuals constantly reject their membership of the scruffy, irony-loving group. As far as the general public knows, either hipsters truly are that trendy without even trying, or they live in an extraordinary state of denial.

While most outwardly scoff at passerby hipsters as they take in their disheveled ombre hair, vintage band tee and studded high-waisted shorts. But deep inside, some people wish they could pull off that same look and attitude. If you follow the tips below, you can also start packing your bags – you'll be moving to Portland or Brooklyn in no time!

1. Dressing Like A Hipster Should Look Effortlessly Ironic.

For a smooth transition into hipster-dom, ditch the pink velour sweatsuit paired with pink flip flops. Matching your clothing no longer matters, but looking ironic does.

For men and women, prescription or non-prescription oversized glasses are a favorite among hipsters. Nerds finally prevail over once-reigning jocks and cheerleaders, for the term "four-eyes" has officially become a compliment. Sunglasses should also come in unique shapes and sizes, such as a pixel frame or with a hanging mustache.

(Side note: Facial hair is a must for male hipsters, and female hipsters must adore facial hair. Facial hair essentially guarantees entry in the cool club, and No Shave November [or Movember] and Mustache March are highlights of a hipster year.)

Jeans and pants should be as tight as possible, regardless if you're male or female. These can come in a variety of colors, and if you wear them so often that the skinny jeans become full of tears and holes, no worries – that's also within hipster style limits.

T-shirts look great when paired with skinny jeans or high-waisted shorts and skirts. These ironic T-shirts don’t have to make any sense, but they do have to be printed on an American Apparel tee or at the very least, stand for a cause.

2. One Man's Trash Is Another Hipster's Treasure.

Hipsters love and respect the Earth, which is an admirable characteristic. Not only do they recycle their cans of PBR beer, they also are avid supporters of recycling fashion. If you don't want to shell out the cash necessary for department store items, search your grandparent's closet, thrift stores and on eBay for vintage and typically less expensive goods. Big cities are gold mines for exceptional thrifting with their abundance of secondhand stores and flea markets.

You're guaranteed to find lots of vintage cardigans and sweaters in various colors and sizes. Earn plus points if you discover one with a cat print. Maybe you’ll even score a vintage leather motorcycle jacket for cheap! Quirky and thrifted pea coats are also preferred by both hipster genders.

3. Don’t Cross The Fine Line Between Hipster And A Bum.

It's easy to get caught up in the quest to look hipster and suddenly, you resemble the bum from around the corner. Remember, although some of your clothes may look 60 years old and are falling apart, you still want to look presentable.

Accessorize your hipster outfit to keep it polished and trendy. A delicate jewelry piece, such as a chain head wrap, can soften a grungy outfit, whereas a pair of colored tights can add a burst of color to an otherwise dreary hued outfit. A funky watch also has the power of distinctive flair. Additionally, leather goods are popular. Men no longer have to jam whatever they can into their back pocket because this leather bag is not a man purse, it’s a satchel. All of these accessories do not need to match; each individual piece already radiates hipster-ness.

4. Your Stuff Should Look Hipster, Too.

OK, so you look hipster from head to toe—but do your technological devices also look hipster? Always be thorough in hipster fashion. Your laptop is basically naked without a handmade case, the same way your iPhone feels without its accompanying case or the Instagram app to showcase superb juicing skills. Even your water bottle should grow a mustache and give relevant advice. An expensive camera slung around your neck is naturally hipster, albeit pricey. Clutching a small leather notebook may be a less steep solution to cultivate creativity while looking hip.

5. Hipsters Are Too Busy Planning To Save Their Next Tree To Be Self-Conscious.

You're supposedly throwing on these articles of clothing without a second thought, so rock your outfits with a cool confidence. Refrain from nervous habits such as anxiously smoothing down your skirt, and walk with self-assurance in your 1950s vintage military boots or spiked loafers.

Practice these tips, and you’ll be among the ranks of even the most ironic and in denial of hipsters. Most importantly, never admit to being a hipster, and especially, never confess that you read tips on how to become one.

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