Easy Tips on How to Design a Stylish Bathroom

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Easy Tips on How to Design a Stylish Bathroom

Bathrooms are not always considered the most glamorous of spaces, but they are an essential part of the home. Instead of leaving the room to its bare and basic functionality, why not brighten it up with useful and stylish accessories? Bring your powder room up to par with the rest of your home with the following décor suggestions.

1. Decorate With a Fitting Shower Curtain.

A shower curtain provides privacy while adding flair to a bathroom. When purchasing a pretty fabric curtain, you will also need shower curtain hooks and a waterproof, vinyl shower curtain liner to protect the fabric from getting wet and growing mildew and mold.

However, some options may provide attached fabric loops, and you can always just stick with solely the plain vinyl curtain. Be sure to measure the width of your shower and the height from floor to the curtain rod before you make any purchases.

2. Add Additional Storage Options.

Bathroom sizes can range from a large master bathroom to a minuscule powder room. Whatever the size, if you are still pressed for more space despite its bathroom cabinets, add accessories that allow extra storage.

  • Shower Caddy: Organize your shower accessories and toiletries to be easily accessible when you take your daily shower or bath. Options include hook and suction caddies, tension rod caddies and bathtub caddies, or you can employ a shampoo and soap dispenser as an eco-friendly alternative.
  • Vanity Tray: Vanity trays can be put on the bathroom table, on a shelf or on the back of a toilet tank. Choosing the tray’s material depends on the tray’s location in the room. For example, if the vanity tray is likely to get wet, abstain from selecting a metal tray that might rust, or a natural wooden tray that may rot. Stray items such as jewelry, contact accessories, glasses, perfumes and colognes will look neatly organized and even stylish on a vanity tray.
  • Laundry Hamper: Instead of throwing your dirty clothes in a heap on the floor, keep things tidy with a laundry hamper, bag or a basket. For extra small spaces, look for a hamper that has an attached multiple-shelved top to hold surplus objects.
  • Shelves: Adding shelves, or ledges, to your bathroom wall is an instant fix to limited space and display. Depending on what matches with your décor, these shelves may be made out of wood, steel, metal or glass. Place assorted decorative items on said shelves to further spruce up your bathroom—just make sure the shelves are strong enough to support the weight. These items can include photo frames, candles, pretty stones and shells and flower-filled vases.
  • Hooks And Racks: Keep your towels near by using bathroom hardware. Choose a finish and design that matches your bathroom theme. Check out options such as traditional bars, hooks that can hang over the door and towel stands.

3. Dress Up Your Toiletries.

With the right accessories, your previously unadorned toiletries can add to a tasteful bathroom scheme. Coordinated sets will make even lotion dispensers and tissue boxes look sophisticated. You can also buy individual pieces that still work well together, in terms of aesthetics.

4. Use Carefully Selected Linens and Mats.

Though you probably already own numerous bath linens and a bath mat, don’t throw off your meticulously planned décor with noticeably mismatched accessories. The linens and mat do not need to be the same pattern as the wall or shower curtain; instead, use them to accentuate or complement your envisioned scheme. Adding monogrammed initials or names is a classy technique to customize any linen set.

TIP: Fluffy white towels are always a classic in any bathroom, as long as they have kept their snow white color and are not too worn down.

Turn your bathroom into more than just a place to quickly shower or brush your teeth. With the right renovations and bathroom accessories, upgrade a once basic powder room into a chic and vital component of your home sweet home.

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