How To Buy The Best Laptop Bag

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How To Buy The Best Laptop Bag

The same portability that makes laptops so ideal for convenient work anywhere also exposes them to damage from drops, sliding, scratches or bangs. A laptop bag not only protects your computer while you are on the go, it also provides a handy place to store peripherals, papers and other needed items.

At the minimum, a laptop bag needs to have enough padding to protect your computer. If the bag has multiple pockets and sections, there should be clips or zippers that are easy to open and you should be able to get your laptop in or out of the bag quickly and easily. Consider how much you need to carry and how you can best organize those items. You want a bag with enough pockets to hold your gear, but you don’t want so many pockets that you have to waste time searching for what you need. Along with providing convenience and organization, your bag should look good, be easy and comfortable to carry and offer resistance to moisture or spills.

Laptop bags are available in a variety of styles, from a simple sleeve to a suitcase-style wheeled bag that will carry all of your office needs and even a change of clothes. When deciding on a bag, consider the size of your laptop, what other items you will be carrying, the weight and your form of transportation. Laptop bags are generally made to fit different sizes of laptops, so be sure you buy a bag large enough to fit your computer.

Do You Ride A Bike Or Take Public Transportation To Work?

A messenger-style laptop bag has a wide, long strap that crosses one shoulder and the chest. Many have a second strap that goes around the waist adding extra support and stability to the bag. Messenger bags are a good choice for anyone who rides a bike or scooter to work or relies on public transportation. Along with practicality, messenger bags look stylish and modern. Some messenger bags have just one pocket for holding the computer, but others have multiple sections for holding peripherals, papers and other necessary items.

Buying Suggestion: The Case Logic 17” Laptop Messenger Bag is streamlined for easy transport, yet offers a zippered compartment and two pockets for organizing your work needs as well as a padded section for your computer. $29 at Amazon.com.

Do You Work In An Office Or Corporate Setting?

A laptop bag designed like a traditional briefcase gives a professional, stylish image and it will give you space for files, papers or notebooks along with your computer. Briefcase designs usually have several compartments or pockets inside for easy organization of your belongings. A classic leather case is always appropriate, even in a conservative business environment.

Buying Suggestion: The Targus Commuter 16” Leather Laptop Case looks professional and timeless in black leather. It comes with with a padded compartment for your computer and several organizers and compartments for holding peripherals, pens, business cards and other professional necessities. A luggage strap attaches to a rolling suitcase for use when traveling. $61 at Amazon.com.

Will You Be Traveling Overnight?

For the businessperson who does a lot of traveling, a laptop bag that holds overnight necessities is very convenient. These are large bags that can be used as a carry-on bag or small suitcase when flying. They generally have wheels and expandable handles for easy pulling through a crowded airport.

Buying Suggestion: If you are a frequent flyer or need to have an on-the-go office, the SOLO Oversize Rolling Laptop Case holds not only your 17 inch laptop, it will hold your files, notebooks, office necessities and even a small toiletry bag and change of clothes. It fits in an airline overhead compartment or under the seat and is easy to pull with the cushioned, expanding handle and wheels. $66 at Amazon.com.

Do You Carry Books Along With Your Laptop?

If you are a student, writer or any professional who needs to carry textbooks, reference books or stacks of files or notebooks along with your laptop, a backpack laptop bag makes it easy to carry the load while leaving your hands free for a cup of coffee. The shoulder straps should be wide and padded for comfort, and adjustable to avoid pulling or straining your shoulder, neck or back. There should be a padded section for the computer and wide enough zippers for easy access to that compartment. Some backpack bags have an inner laptop sleeve that protects your laptop during transport and is easy to pull out when it’s time to work.

Buying Suggestion: If you need a backpack that can carry it all, the Targus Drifter II Backpack holds laptops up to 17 inches as well as textbooks, school or office supplies, peripherals, notebooks and any other needs you might have for your day at the office or school. The padded straps are adjustable and comfortable and the pack allows good airflow to keep your back from overheating. $65 at Amazon.com.

Do You Need Just A Simple, Protective Cover?

If you just want protection for your laptop when carrying it from room to room or on short trips to the local coffee shop or park, a laptop sleeve gives padded protection without adding weight or unnecessary bulkiness to your computer. A laptop sleeve is also a good way to protect your laptop if you are slipping it into another bag or suitcase for transport.

Buying Suggestion: The Case Logic 15.6” Laptop Sleeve is sleek and streamlined. Foam padding protects your laptop while the wide zipper makes it easy to slip your computer out for work. It fits easily into another bag or carrying case; or just slip it under your arm when traveling down the hall to the conference room. $18 at Amazon.com.

Your laptop is an expensive investment as well as a critical part of your workday. Don’t risk damage or destruction of your computer. A laptop bag will keep your computer safe and keep you organized throughout your busy day.


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