How To Buy The Best Home Juicer

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How To Buy The Best Home Juicer

Want to start eating a healthier, more natural diet? Buying your own juicer is a great way to skip expensive store-bought smoothies and make your own delicious and nutritional drinks at home. By combining various fruits and vegetables into a tasty drink, you can consume more vitamins and nutrients than trying to eat various produce one at a time. Review the different types of home juicers to find the right product at the right price, and get started with a healthier diet.

Citrus Juicer Vs. Juice Extractor

Before you can find the best juicer, you’ll need to know what you want from your new kitchen appliance. Decide now whether you can stand the taste of a carrot or celery stick mixed in with your fruit, and pick a machine designed for the food you plan to squeeze.

  • Want To Stick To Fruit Juice Only? Citrus juicers are designed for fruit, and fruit only. Fruit is sliced in half (by you), then pressed to squeeze out its juice. It can include a strainer to remove pulp, though this does decrease the nutritional value (as does removing the fruit’s skin). Citrus juicers tend to be less complicated and easier to clean than juice extractors.
  • Want Some Veggies Mixed In With Your Juice? Juice extractors cut and squeeze both fruit and vegetables. You’ll need to remove any tough or solid items like thick peels and pits, then the extractor takes care of the rest. The tiny pieces are separated from their juice by spinning. While this appliance does offer the convenience of both fruit and vegetable processing, these larger machines can be a hassle to clean.

Decide now whether you’ll want to extract juice from vegetables as well as fruit. While the cost may be higher for an extractor, the ability to squeeze both forms of produce is a good idea for anyone looking to bump up the nutritional value of their smoothies and juices.

The Different Features Of Juicers

Once you’ve decided what type of juicer you want, you’ll need to find a specific model with the features you desire. Some features are paramount to your ease of use and enjoyment, while others may be extras you can live without.

  • Like Big Fruit? You'll Need A Big Chute. The chute is where you insert the fruit or vegetable into the juicer, which also means its size limits what you can squeeze. Unless you’re absolutely sure you’ll never juice anything larger than a strawberry, the larger the chute, the better off you’ll be. Pick a juicer with the largest chute available to ensure you can juice to your heart’s content. Some models allow for the entire piece of fruit or vegetable to be inserted, while others will only fit pre-sliced pieces. Being able to squeeze the entire fruit/vegetable can help promote a higher nutritional value, as the skin of produce often includes much of its vitamins.
  • Containers Make Juicing Easier For Large Batches. When possible, pick a juicer with a clear juice container marked with measurements. The clear compartment will allow you to see how much juice you’ve made, and the measurement lines will tell you exactly how much apple, pear, strawberry, etc. you’ve squeezed, making recipes a breeze. If you know you’ll be making particularly large amounts of juice, pick an appliance with the largest juice container possible.
  • More Power Equals More Juice. When picking a juicer, check the model’s wattage (how much power it uses) and RPM (rotations per minute). The higher these numbers are, the more powerful the juicer will be. Weak machines may not thoroughly extract the liquid from the produce, wasting both juice and your money.
  • Make Sure You Will  Be Able To Clean The Machine. When possible, buy a juicer with dishwasher safe parts. Also, check online reviews from owners of the machine to determine how easy it is to clean parts of the juicer that can’t be placed in the dishwasher. If the appliance is hard to keep clean and sanitary, you’ll probably end up avoiding it more than enjoying it. Cleaning is particularly important with this machine as the produce is never exposed to heat, so any bacteria it encounters will end up in your juice.

Selecting the perfect juicer for you comes down to knowing what you like. Sample the taste of fruit and vegetable blends, and look up recipes to determine whether or not you’ll be juicing both forms of produce. If you just can’t stand cucumber in your orange juice, then a citrus juicer is the best choice for you. It squeezes fruit, and nothing more. If you do want to mix and match your ingredients, then go with a versatile juice extractor. These larger, more powerful machines will slice and separate all your favorite farmer’s market finds, creating a healthy blend of fruit and vegetable juice right in your own kitchen. 

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