Holiday Tree Skirt Buying Guide

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Holiday Tree Skirt Buying Guide

Since your tree – whether real or artificial – does not grow out of the ground in your living room, but is supported on a base over indoor flooring, it may lose its woodland charm without any grass or snow to offer it a soft visual anchor. And that basic industrial base does not really scream "cozy winter wonderland," either.

However, because the tree skirt is often an afterthought in the commotion that is creating the perfect holiday tree, you may need a little extra help making the decision. Choose a tree skirt that fits your aesthetic and lifestyle, and your tree will be completely ready for its annual accumulation of gifts galore.

Have You Measured Your Tree?

The size of your tree in your mind and the actual size of your tree may vary. This isn’t a big deal until the 9-foot-tall tree you bought does not fit beneath your 8-foot-high ceilings. And that amazing tree skirt you found that was sized for a miniature tree? Well, it looks sort of funny and barely visible under your extra wide evergreen. The following tips will help:

  • Measure the circumference of the bottom of your tree’s canopy ahead of time to avoid any potential awkwardness.
  • You’ll typically find skirts from 18 inches to 54 inches in diameter.
  • There’s no right size, but choosing a tree skirt that is even with or surpasses the tree’s canopy results in a balanced appearance. Remember: If you want to be able to see the skirt once the presents are placed beneath the tree, a slightly larger skirt is the way to go.

Does Your Tree Have A Particular Theme Or Color Scheme?

If you’ve ditched the traditional green and red and opted instead for a particular color scheme – perhaps your grandmother has deemed it distasteful while your niece and nephew think it’s the coolest tree they’ve ever laid eyes on – a red-and-green skirt bedecked with golden reindeer is just not going to fly.

To keep things simple, consider a solid-hued skirt that matches or blends well with the colors you’ve chosen. Or add extra dimension to your already interesting décor with a pattern in your preferred colors. The world of tree skirts is a large one, so take advantage of this opportunity to truly make your holiday décor your own.

Do You Want To Match Your Room’s Existing Décor?

That mid-century modern home of yours with the all-white walls, blonde-hued wood paneling on the ceiling and aqua-hued accents – so not going to look right with a traditional style tree skirt made of heavy-duty tapestry fabric and an image of various pine tree limbs, holly branches and turtle doves. If you’ve cultivated a specific décor aesthetic, follow suit with your tree skirt for a cohesive look.

  • Mid-Century Modern: Go for a clean, white skirt with an interesting texture, like vinyl, chenille or faux fur, or find a chevron print fabric for a retro kick.
  • Traditional: That dove tapestry skirt definitely works in this case. Tapestry, heavy sateen fabrics or velvet fabrics lend a luxe vibe to your tree. Red and green are certainly the colors of choice. However, burgundy and navy add richness to your décor. Look for classic decorative touches, such as snowflakes, pine cones, reindeer or seasonal sayings: “Merry Christmas!” “Happy Holidays!” “Season’s Greetings!”
  • Shabby Chic: A skirt in a vintage-inspired floral with a frilly extra – think ruffles or fringe – is a shoe-in.
  • Contemporary: Keep that minimalist, streamlined look up with an of-the-moment pattern in cotton/line, or skip the classic round shape and choose a square skirt instead.
  • Country: A flannel tree skirt in plaid, gingham or all-over animal print (any elk or moose will do) – it doesn’t get any easier!

Does This Holiday Mark A Special Event?

When you’re enjoying your holiday tree for the first time during a special moment in your life – your first Christmas as a married couple or your baby’s first holiday season, for instance – a tree skirt can act as a marker for this memorable time.

Just like sentimental ornaments that boast particular events or years on them as a memento, your tree skirt can do just the same and will act as your annual reminder of how many seasons have passed. Look for a tree skirt with the year on it or order the skirt to be monogrammed or personalized according to your desires.

Do You Have Young Children Or Pets?

Clearly, you will probably want to buy a very festive tree skirt that your children will enjoy sitting near while opening their presents, potentially neighbored by a very interesting dog or cat who loves to get in on the morning excitement. However, when you have children or pets, some of those visually exhilarating options can actually threaten the safety of your little loved ones.

Small sewn-on parts (think jingly bells or buttons) become choking hazards and glitter that easily rubs off can end up in mouths and eyes. If an over-the-top, the-children-will-love-this tree skirt is what you had in mind, don’t fret, you still have a ton of options.

  • Consider a skirt that looks like snow for oohs and aahs.
  • A candy-cane striped skirt makes an instant favorite.
  • Any festive skirt that is made of large, solid pieces of fabric for a happy and safe holiday experience is the right skirt for you and your loved ones.

The holiday season is finally here. Your brain is likely filled with recipes, travel plans, last minute work that needs finishing, a home that needs cleaning and a million other items on your seemingly unending to-do list. However, keep in mind that you will probably have the tree skirt forever, knocking one thing off next year’s list and setting the foundation for years of very merry holiday mornings.

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