Creative Holiday Tree Decorating Ideas

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Creative Holiday Tree Decorating Ideas

Those softly glowing, multicolored lights, the dazzling metallic star topper, the decades worth of ornaments that send you reeling into cozy nostalgia as you carefully find just the right spot to hang each one – oh, yes – it is time to decorate the holiday tree. Whether you already have a curated collection of decorations or if this is your very first tree, picking up a few new ideas can only make your holiday tree all the merrier and more festive than ever.

Do Holiday Songs Put You In A Festive Mood?

If you turn holiday music on the second the weather turns a bit chilly and you’re sort of jealous of the carolers who sing in the mall – coolest job ever – you are in dire need of a tree that does more than create a pretty visual. Add a musical, rotating tree base to your holiday tree décor so you can hum along while hanging ornaments. And while placing presents beneath the tree. And... while opening gifts. You get the idea.

Is Lighting Your Tree A Definite Must?

When tree lights are to your holiday tree what marshmallows are to hot chocolate and what yin is to yang, well, you need to explore your options! From traditional choices to lighting that puts fireworks to shame, your tree’s potential for a truly dazzling display just got a whole lot brighter.

  • Classic lights in either white or multi-colors offers you a traditional glow.
  • Try out icicle tree lights to bring the mesmerizing, frosty outdoors indoors with a lit-from-within glow.
  • Spherical textured lights give your tree an antiqued appearance  –  perfect if you’re obsessed with everything vintage inspired.

Do You Prefer Ready-Made Items?

Your schedule is packed. The last artistic project you successfully created was your kindergarten hand-turkey picture. Shopping is your favorite form of therapy. Ready-made ornaments are clearly for you. However, if you’ve ever walked through the tree decorations section of a department or specialty store, you know how that illuminated display can begin to feel like an inescapable labyrinth. Remain calm and simply choose according to the décor style that elicits the most favorable response when you first set eyes on it.

  • Traditional: Spherical, star-shaped and keepsake ornaments are for you.
  • Whimsical: From your favorite cartoon characters to the super unconventional, anything goes. Pick on instinct. Red apple ornaments? Ornaments in the shape of cars? Fabric ribbons tied into bows? Yes, please.

Are You In The Mood For DIY Décor?

If you own a set of knitting needles, Pinterest and Etsy are frequent online stops or you have a drawer solely dedicated to arts & crafts items, you should probably consider making your own ornaments. There are so many possibilities here that it would be virtually impossible to consider them all. However, knowing where to get started is the biggest factor in ending up with the DIY ornaments you’ve dreamed of.

  • Found Objects: Pick up those pinecones you see along your walks outside, collect branches and adorn your tree with them. Consider painting them with acrylic paint first. Tie a bow around the top of a pinecone with scrap ribbon you have lying around and hang them from your holiday tree’s branches. Or, cheat a little bit, buy some decorative pine cones and then go from there (shh, nobody will know!).
  • Buy A DIY Book: If you’re sick of sitting in front of the computer and love that comforting smell of book pages, check out a DIY book for some tree decoration ideas and instructions.
  • Join Pinterest: Join Pinterest where you can find a ton of simple DIY ideas for your holiday tree (and just about everything else).
  • Craft With Friends: Call up your friend – the one who crochets covers for just about every item in her home – and tell her you need help. It’s that easy.
  • Candy Canes And Popcorn: Don’t act like you haven’t thought about this one! When you’re on a budget and happen to have a bunch of candy canes and popcorn in the pantry, well, you’re in luck. Hang the candy canes over the tree limbs as your ornaments. Pop up that popcorn and create a long, long strand by connecting the pieces using a needle and thread (supervise children if they’re taking part). You’ve got yourself an old-timey holiday tree that tastes as good as it looks.

Are You A Fan Of Tree Toppers?

The tree just isn’t finished until someone climbs up the ladder to place a topper on the uppermost point of the tree while someone else yells, “Be careful!” and another someone holds onto the climber’s legs to prevent a toppling holiday tree and toppling person. While you may not be able to do much about the chaos, you can control how your tree looks by choosing a topper that makes your heart sing. For the:

Remember – decorating your holiday tree is only a once-a-year event! Invite all of your friends and family over for a holiday tree decorating party! Put on your favorite holiday movie!

Aim for cozy and festive details so every time you look up at your masterpiece, you will reflect on the experience and smile a little bit wider. Make your tree as unique and vibrant as you want your holiday to be, for the unmistakably warm, fuzzy feeling that only the best holiday tree on the block can bring.

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