Top Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

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Top Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Feel like shopping for a stellar gift for your boyfriend (or fiance or husband!) should be a cinch, but somehow all of those things you know and love about him just aren't translating into that perfect holiday present? Showing that you pay close attention to the things that bring him joy – other than you, of course – is always a foolproof tactic. Put a little extra thought into what puts a smile on his face to find the gift that will do just that. 

For The Sports Fanatic

If your boyfriend never misses a beat, rushing home to watch every televised game and offering you surprisingly comprehensive stats and childhood biographies for athletes in nearly every sport, then you should probably consider sticking a shiny red bow on the ESPN Films 30 for 30 Gift Set Collection. Available in two volumes of Emmy-nominated documentaries, Volume 1 showcases sports stars like Wayne Gretzky and Muhammad Ali in the first 15 films. Volume 2 includes the second 15 films with stars, such as Michael Jordan and Terry Fox. 

For those moments when he's creating his own incredible memories as an athlete – on his skis, on his mountain bike, while rock-climbing – an action sport camera is essential. He'll finally be able to show you what he can usually only explain by saying, “I wish you could have been there.” 

For The Gadget Fiend

You feel very fortunate that your man is so technologically inclined since you rarely have to hop online, let alone lift a finger, when you have a sudden need for information or entertainment. Whether it's getting directions or listening to an album that fits the moment, this talent become a bit worrisome when he's also in the process of driving.

Have your holiday cake and eat it too with the Pioneer Electronics AppRadio for in-dash access to apps and playlists. Or if the obsession isn't simply all things electronic but all things Apple, give him the gift he'll need as the newest generation iPods, iPhones and i-everything else transitions from the 30-pin connector to the new Lightning technology eight-signal connector with the Apple Lightning Adapter. He'll love being able to use his 7th gen iPod Nano or iPhone 5 with his otherwise obsolete docking station.

For The Sophisticated Gent

For the man who looks to the Cary Grants and Clark Gables of the Golden Age of Hollywood for their clean-cut sophistication, an old-fashioned shaving kit feels so very apropos. To go along with that clean-shaven face, if his prepster sense of fashion means bow ties are a regular fixture in his neckwear wardrobe, make use of the Bow Tie Club with options in prints and colors to match his every shirt and sports coat. 

Or, if his preferences aren't quite in line with nights in front of the fire with a highball in one hand and a cigar in the other, but his knowledge of and refined taste for beer is astounding, sign him up for The Homebrew Club to get the very serious art of home brewing underway with monthly shipments of everything he needs for the perfect pint (or several). 

For The Outdoorsman

While his camping, outdoors enthusiasm means his repertoire of backpacks, water bottles, tents and hiking boots is top notch, he probably hasn't even considered buying himself something a little less rugged and a little more luxe. With this thoughtful gift that shows your appreciation for his love of the outdoors, he'll think of you during every camping trip when he reaches for his essentials in a stylish leather travel kit. If you're just as into the great outdoors as your significant other, then consider a gift that satisfies your shopping list and your hunger with an outdoor stove. There's nothing like a warm meal after a long hike or romantic cup of hot cocoa on a chilly night. 

For The Creative 

Even though he waxes poetic about his limited library, coughing up a gift card to his local bookstore just feels not-so-special. Check out the Old Faithful Shop's Bell Jar Lamp for him to read by. Much easier on the eyes than candlelight, the minimalist industrial vibe of this lamp will help his literary nostalgia burn a bit brighter.

Whether it's poring over old books or spending late nights creating songs with his guitar in hand, a single-serve coffee maker will keep him caffeinated all night without suffering through even one stale, bottom-of-the-pot cup. Even better? If you stay up late creating together, the single-serve option means avoided arguments over light vs. dark roast.

For The Music Library Curator

Mildly obsessed with keeping his music library up to date, ranking his songs and creating a new playlist for every possible occasion, your music library aficionado needs a few accessories, starting with an mp3 player so he can enjoy his music on-the-go. And to block out background noise while listening to his mp3 player or while meticulously shaping up a new playlist, noise-cancelling headphones will be the gift he never realized he so desperately needed.

Another amazing addition to his music collection, if it includes vinyl, is a USB turntable. He can streamline his entire collection by uploading songs directly from the record to his computer catalog without losing the characteristic crackle and raw quality of original recordings. 

For His Little Boy Side

He might get up and go to work every day and grow a beard, but inside he's still the same little boy who loves adventures, make believe and, of course, video games. For the ultimate in cool-girlfriend gift buying, giving him the Nintendo Wii U will leave him speechless. Released in November of 2012, this console gaming system beckons both lightweights and true gamers to enjoy its full HD capability and GamePad tablet controller, including an LCD touch-screen, motion sensor, front-facing camera, stylus... you see where this is going?

Oh, and all of those controllers you have lying around from the older Wii – they're compatible. If he's more of a movie buff than a gamer, give him a streaming projector so his childhood favorites become larger-than-life while parties and movie nights suddenly feel like you're at the theater, minus the $20 popcorn. 

Or, if his memories lean more toward summer days wandering around with his buddies, sharing a single set of binoculars for a closer look into trees and mysterious sites in need of detailed investigation, give him his very own pair of magnifying specs to perk up his natural sense of discovery. 

Finding that perfect gift that says everything you feel while inducing an ear-to-ear smile is tough work, but with the slew of technological advances and otherwise refined takes on old classics, you're sure to find that magical holiday present he'll love. 

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