An Obscure and Ironic Guide: How to Throw a Hipster Wedding

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An Obscure and Ironic Guide: How to Throw a Hipster Wedding

In the ever-popular style of a hipster wedding, barns have replaced churches; succulents are favored over roses; and mason jars substitute any fancy glasses. Today's hipster-infested/infatuated culture encourages its participants to trash lavish tradition and dream up a different kind of wedding; one where the men rock facial hair and the women strictly wear vintage. But even if the hipster theme might appear effortless, the road map to happily ever hipster-dom is not an easy feat – so let this guide lead the obscurely ironic way.

Hipster Wedding Location

A hipster wedding occurs in a sanctuary away from normality (suit-wearing, consumer-driven everyday life).

Thus, duck away to a delightful red barn or escape into the depths of quiet woodlands. Breathe in the fresh air made possible by an open field of grass and flowers. Enjoy a space with exposed brick and piping, industrial furniture and walls covered in succulents. Relax in a vineyard setting, knowing that there is plenty of wine to consume nearby, if you happen to catch pre-wedding jitters.

Hipster Wedding Invitations

Hipster Wedding InvitationAs a hipster, chances are you have graphic design experience or know at least one person in the design industry. Utilize those Photoshop skills to produce an invitation that radiates ingenuity.

You can go all-out with an elaborate website invitation. Other toned down (but still special) options include a fabulous infographic invitation; an invitation suite with carefully selected detail; or an engraved, wooden invitation. Your wedding invitation should indicate to potential attendees just how hipster the actual ceremony and reception will be. Think burlap, twine and strictly recycled materials.

Hipster Wedding Decor

The decor of a hipster wedding seamlessly blends in with its selected location and works with its particular theme. Largely, hipsters elect the “rustic” theme. The goal is for everything not to appear too put together. Think graceful and old-school chic, with delicate nods to the past.

Furthermore, a hipster wedding has infinite potential for do-it-yourself projects. This is a great money saver for a more budget-friendly wedding and a means to become resourcefully involved in your wedding. Many pieces of your wedding decor can also be taken home by guests as wedding favors.

Hipster Wedding Record PlayerHipster Wedding Decor Suggestions:

  • Wooden crates and wooden signs
  • Sunflower pomanders, garlands or paper lanterns to hang up
  • Typewriters, birdcages, record players and vintage suitcases
  • Chalkboard accents
  • Scalloped mirrors and photo frames
  • Succulents, an alternative to traditional flowers (even in the bridal bouquet!)
  • Wild flowers and weeds in mason jars, tea pots or tin cans
  • Wedding photographs of prior generations, hung by clothespins on braided rope
  • Ribbon streamers on chairs, tables and walls
  • Items such as old bicycles, or even tractors, strategically placed
  • Mismatched chairs and benches
  • Burlap placemats, seat covers and tablecloths
  • A rental photo booth with props like mustaches on a stick

The Bride + Bridal Party

Hipster Wedding Laurel CrownTo the bride: Instead of dropping major bills on a designer dress, scour your local thrift stores and consignment stores for a vintage dress fit for a hipster bride. You can also search online via Etsy, eBay or a store like ModCloth for a dress with intricate details like lace, pearls, ruffles and scalloped edges. The older and consequently, more vintage the dress, the better! For a customized fit to your body, bring the vintage find to a seamstress or tailor.

As a more quirky wedding theme, your dress can be unconventional as well. Consider choosing a wedding dress that isn’t white, but perhaps a lavender or pale yellow hue. In lieu of a traditional veil, a hipster choice would be a crown of flowers or leaves.

Moreover, a hipster bride — bless her heart — would not force her bridesmaids into purchasing and wearing expensive and ugly matching dresses. No, a hipster bride trusts her bridal party’s similar, hipster taste and understands the meaning of a budget. She would allow her bridal party to pick out their own dresses, on the condition that they abide by a few guidelines like color scheme.

And in order to boogey down properly to the likes of Passion Pit and The XX, you’ll want you and your bridal party to be comfortable in smart flats or even laced up boots, rather than impossibly high heels.

The Groom + Groomsmen

Hipster Wedding Facial HairTo the groom: The men of the wedding also get their chance to look snazzy. Begin the process of growing out facial hair long before the targeted wedding date – that is, if a beard or a mustache hasn’t already taken residence on your face.

In addition to the collared shirt and slacks, throw on a charming vest, a pair of suspenders and either a bow tie or an ultra-skinny tie. Roll up the bottom of your pants so everyone has a clear view of your Sperry top-siders or freshly shined loafers.

Like your generous bride, let your stylish, hipster groomsmen choose their own attire, as long as they follow the overall color scheme, style and cut.

Hipster Wedding Refreshments

Hipster Wedding Mason Jar RefreshmentsHipsters understand the importance of health, hence the obsession with pressed juices made of kale and beets. But, hipsters will always hold an eternal love for the one and the only: Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Present both selections since some guests may want to get their juice on, while others fancy attaining a buzz. Whatever works, as long as they can be drank via mason jars or some form of vintage bottle. Whiskey barrels and individual flasks (decorated with mustaches) are other hipster-worthy vessels for various spirits.

Want your refreshments nice and cold? Invest in an antique, footed bathtub and fill it up to its brim with ice for a quirky take on the traditional ice cooler. Another option is also to utilize vintage trunks or canoes as ice and refreshment holders.

Hipster Wedding Edibles

Hipster Wedding Baked GoodsFinger foods are generally offered at weddings, and coincidentally, hipsters love small, cute things. What’s the catch? These finger foods should be gluten-free, organic and sourced locally. Bonus points if you also offer vegan and soy options, as the majority of your guest list will probably have such a diet.

Think outside the archetypal quadruple-tiered white wedding cake. Satisfy all sweet toothed attendees with an eclectic array of homemade cupcakes (must-have flavors include red velvet and maple bacon; hipsters love red velvet and bacon) and homemade fresh fruit pies. For a fancier option, offer French macarons, a sophisticated nod to overseas culture.

Hipster weddings have taken over the youthful population as its culture continues to rise in popularity. Use these tips in your own ceremony of love, and you never know — you might earn 15 Pin-utes of fame on many hipster wedding inspiration boards.

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