Great Places To Donate Items

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Great Places To Donate Items

The winter season brings a time to give and a time to change. When the holidays come around, we all feel inclined, and are often times encouraged, to give to others – especially those in need.

With the New Year right around the corner, many of us also embark on a mission to reorganize and renew. Sorting through and separating items that we no longer need give us the opportunity to pass on these items to someone who may be in greater need. If you are considering to donate items but are not entirely sure where, check out the list below to be off to a good start. There's a little bit of everything for everyone.

Salvation Army Thrift Stores

One of the top destinations for used items, the Salvation Army is a long-standing organization that collects a variety of items including clothing, furniture and household items. The Salvation Army operates several thrift stores throughout the country and accepts used item donations at these locations for distribution and sale. 100 percent of proceeds from items sold at Salvation Army thrift stores are used to fund the organization's Adult Rehabilitation Centers which help to "reclaim lives and heal families" that are part of the program. 


Another well-trusted organization that accepts used item donations is the Goodwill. This organization functions with the purpose to "help people earn a living, improve their lives, and strengthen their families and their communities." Goodwill sustains itself through numerous retail stores that are used to sell donated goods, such as clothing, electronics, appliances and furniture. The funds generated by the Goodwill's retail stores help to support job training and employment placement, as well as community programs.


Born from the desire to help victims of the Southeast Asia tsunami in 2004 and later the victims of hurricane Katrina in 2005, Soles4Souls has since given away nearly 12 million pairs of shoes all over the world. Collecting from shoe warehouses and retailers, this organization distributes shoes to needy people around the world, and also accepts gently worn shoes from individuals wanting to help the cause.  Soles4Souls also accepts monetary donations; their "One Dollar=One Pair" appeal utilizes each dollar donated to give away one pair of shoes to someone in need. Whether you have a few pairs of shoes you no longer need or wish to contribute monetarily, you will be doing a great deed by joining Soles4Souls's cause.


If you would like to pass on your used items to someone who has a need for them, all while helping to reduce waste, try joining The Freecycle Network. Freecycle hosts several online "gifting "communities that enable members to pass on items to someone really needs them. They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure, and Freecycle does a great job of making these used treasures get into the hands of a perfect new owner. The best part of The Freecycle Network is that it helps to prevent slightly used, but perfectly good items from going straight to the landfills.


We all have a soft spot for man's best friend. Join Freekibble in their mission to provide healthy meals to cats and dogs living in shelters throughout the country. By playing their daily Bow Wow trivia, you can help to donate 10 pieces of kibble to those shelters. It's such a simple and easy way to be part of and help a good cause; you can even spread the word to your friends, family and coworkers by encouraging them to play Bow Wow trivia as well. In return, you will learn a little bit of canine (or feline) trivia each day while helping to feed our furry friends in shelters around the country.

Habitat For Humanity

Everyone deserves to have a decent roof over their head. Habitat for Humanity is an international housing organization that builds modest and affordable housing for people in need all over the world. There are numerous ways to donate to this organization; monetary donations, material donations – such as building materials, furniture and appliances – as well as vehicle donations to help fund the building projects. You can also donate some of your time through their volunteering program and become involved in a Habitat for Humanity project in or near your community.

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