A Guide To Gluten Free Makeup And Beauty Products

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A Guide To Gluten Free Makeup And Beauty Products

When you visit your local supermarket, it's not hard these days to find a large selection of gluten-free foods, but what about your makeup and beauty products?

Why Use Gluten-Free Makeup And Beauty Products?

Gluten is a specific protein that is found in things made from wheat and other related grains such as barley and rye. Many vitamins that are used in things like foundations and moisturizers are pressed from these grains.

Whether you are mildly allergic to gluten or you have celiac disease, which is characterized by an extreme reaction, gluten-free products may make you feel much better about your makeup. If your skin becomes itchy or your eyes feel swollen after applying makeup, you may be having an allergic reaction to the gluten. Before you ditch the makeup all together, check out these gluten-free beauty products that will do their job without making you feel miserable.

Looking For Lotion?

Regular lotions are packed full of gluten. All those vitamins used to enrich your skin do have the risk of causing you to break out in a rash, which will do much more harm than good. There are many lotions that have the same vitamins that are derived from oils instead of grains. This Now Shoes Foods Shea Butter Lotion and Desert Essence Almond Lotion are both great choices for gluten-free lotions. Both products are also completely organic, leaving your skin feeling healthy and natural.

Need A Trusty Foundation?

When you put on your makeup for the day, one of the first things that go on your skin is the foundation. If you are allergic to your foundation, you will be uncomfortable all day, and you risk actually harming your skin permanently. To avoid this, be sure to use a gluten-free foundation. Liquid foundations are often packed with grain-based products, so your best bet is to use a mineral foundation like the Afterglow Organic Foundation or Leisha Powder Foundation. Mineral powders will give your skin a natural glow and softness without all the artificial products.

Want To Make Your Eyes Pop?

A lick of color across your eyes can make you stand out in a crowd, but so will the less charming look of swollen and irritated eyes. This Mineral Fusion Eye Shadow Trio comes in a compact with three different colors of your choice. Again, mineral eye shadows will definitely be the best option because they are the most organic type of product on the market. For a more natural look, try La Bella Donna Compressed Eye Shadow. This eye shadow comes in many beautiful shades and goes on sheer for a gentle, natural look.

Need A Hypo-Allergenic Mascara?

If you are allergic to gluten, even just your mascara can cause your eyes to become every irritated. This Ecco Bella Mascara is based on clay and iron oxides unlike most mascara, making it safe to use on sensitive eyes. Organic Wear Masacara is another great option because it is 100 percent natural and will give you big, full lashes.

Looking For Non-Allergenic Lip Gloss?

Having a few lip glosses around that are gluten-free is essential if you are allergic. Lip gloss with gluten is extra dangerous because you end up ingesting most of the lipstick that you wear, which in turn, might raise havoc on your intestines. To avoid that, try this Pure Fruit Pigments Lip Gloss, which gets all of its nourishing vitamins straight from fruits. You can also use these Ecco Bella Lip Glosses that are natural and even come with a built in mirror for easy application.

Need Gluten-Free Shampoo?

Don’t forget about your hair! The scalp can be a very sensitive area, so putting gluten packed products on your hair may make you itchy and uncomfortable. Try this Dessert Essence Organics Shampoo and see if your head feels less irritated. If your hair is dyed and you need color protection, Alterna Bamboo Vibrant Color Shampoo is perfect for you. It keeps your hair healthy and locks in your color all with the help of natural bamboo extracts.

Whether you live a gluten-free lifestyle by choice or by need, all of these products can fit easily into your lifestyle. While all of the listed products above are gluten-free, remember to always test new products in small patches on your skin to make sure that your body can tolerate that specific blend or ingredients. These days there are many different brands and choices for gluten-free products, so don’t be afraid to look around until you find a product that you really love!

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