Treat Your Feet: Products For Proper Foot Care

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Treat Your Feet: Products For Proper Foot Care

We owe a lot to our feet, especially because they grant us easy mobility. Still, we tend to take our feet for granted and neglect their needs. Particularly if your feet suffer from calluses, blisters and other aches, make up for absent TLC and pamper your feet with the following products. You'll have happy feet in no time.

Are Your Toes And Feet Misaligned?

Over time, improper shoe wearing can result in malformed feet and toes, and subsequently calluses, blisters, bunions, cramping and other pains. A pair of foot alignment socks will rejuvenate your battered feet, separating, stretching and aligning toes to their correct positions. Who knew a pair of fluffy white socks could be so all-mighty and soothing? An alternative and comparable selection is the SmartToes Toe Stretcher And Straightener. Steeper in price, the product is made of medical grade, soft and soothing gel and is hypo-allergenic and latex-free. It comes with a handy carrying case and a life-time guarantee.

Do Your Feet Deserve Some Relaxation?

A footbath is a therapeutic way to spoil your tired feet, especially if you stand all day and/or subject your feet to uncomfortable shoes. The Pibbs Footbath Massager is ergonomically designed, offers vibrating and bubble features and stays heated for a mini-spa treatment. Add in a soothing soak blend, such as the Earth Therapeutic Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, for an additional healing treat. The natural mixture contains antiseptic and conditioning properties, including mineral salts to soften uneven calluses and wild mint to stimulate blood circulation.

Need A Foot Massage On The Go?

Though a footbath might allow the ideal foot massage, it isn’t practical in terms of transport, accessibility or price. Try a lightweight, easy-to-carry Foot Rubz Foot Massage Ball in its place. The small and inexpensive massage ball is best for breaking up and relaxing sore spots.

Do You Suffer From Chronic Foot Conditions?

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle strain, arch pain, Achilles tendonitis or any other foot-related chronic conditions, consider purchasing the North American Healthcare Foot Rocker. Developed by sports professionals, the product relieves lower body pain by providing the optimal foot position for effective stretching and increased flexibility. Three 30-second stretches on the rocker is all it takes to greatly minimize heel discomfort.

Are Your Feet Dry And Cracked?

When your feet are to the point of being so dry that they crack, it’s time put your foot down, step in and take action — pun intended. Add necessary nourishment with O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Crème. The moisturizing cream is odorless, non-greasy and hypoallergenic, and is said to prevent evaporation while it hydrates the skin. The Body Shop’s Hemp Foot Protector is another great option. Its hemp seed oil ingredient provides essential fatty acids to mend a broken moisture barrier for softer and more even skin.

Do You Sit At A Desk All Day?

Working at an office typically implies plenty of sitting, and your feet and legs should be properly elevated for desired comfort. If your feet don’t quite touch the floor when you sit at your desk, add a footrest to ease strain on your back, feet and legs. The Kensington Solemate Comfort Gel Footrest is stabilized with non-skid feet and includes a tool-free height adjustment capability.

Are You Often Plagued By Calluses?

For an easy and self-sufficient method to remove calluses, corns and dead skin from your feet, try a handheld foot smoother. The Denco Easy Grip Professional Foot Smoother offers a coarse side for tough callouses and a fine grit side for smoothing. Pair the filing instrument with a liquid formula like the Be Natural Unscented Callus Eliminator for extra soft feet bottoms and heels — just don’t forget to follow instructions and wear a pair of gloves when applying the formula!

Happy feet are essential for an overall healthy body. Treat your feet right, and they will return the favor.

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