How To Shop For And Wear Flannel Clothing

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How To Shop For And Wear Flannel Clothing

Once winter has shown its snowy-mountain-capped self, the days of bolting from your home to your car, refocusing your energies on creating the perfect cup of hot cocoa and, of course, figuring out how to retain all possible body heat are back in full swing.

If your instincts have pushed you toward donning flannel clothing, they have served you well. However, if you’re not quite sure how to incorporate flannel into your daily wardrobe, you’ll be happy to hear it’s quite the versatile fabric.

Why Flannel Over Other Fabrics?

Sure, you could double up on those boiled wood sweaters to keep you nice and toasty. But, they’re a little – well, a lot – itchy and lumpy. Then there’s that holiday wish list complete with luxe cashmere tees for layering under your not-so-warm button-downs – if only someone else would fit the bill.

Solution? Flannel, a super-soft, relatively non-bulky material is a powerhouse when it comes to covering your bases.

Benefits Of Flannel:

  • Typically composed of fine, tightly woven cotton or wool, you aren’t going to experience the scratchiness associated with other fabrications.
  • You will escape the larger-than-life effect of chunky knits.
  • You don’t have to drastically change your style. Those classic button-downs that are a major staple of your wardrobe? You can simply make the switch from a lightweight cotton-poly blend to layer-able flannel.
  • Unlike cashmere, flannel is very economical. Buy eight tops rather than just one!

Do You Want To Wear Flannel Purely As A Fashion Statement?

You may have seen someone sporting a plaid flannel button-down with jean shorts and flip flops when it was certainly not yet winter. If winter temps haven’t quite yet plummeted – or if you happen to live in a climate that sees mild winter weather – you can still rock the flannel for its laid-back trend status.

While you cannot escape flannel’s ability to trap in body heat (tip: do not wear in 90 degree weather), opting for thin, unlined garments is the way to go. Steer away from camping and outdoor brands, which are focused on protecting you from the elements. Instead, scout out labels that focus more on fashion. A cute fitted woman’s plaid shirt or men’s flannel shirt will look hot without actually resulting in overheating.

Are You Wearing Flannel For Extra Warmth?

Whether you’re packing up to go glamping with friends and know you need something stylish to keep warm during late night bonfires, or if you’re a serious outdoorsy type who would prefer not to flirt with potential hypothermia, flannel is for you. In this case, seek out brands that pack a serious punch with heavy-duty options.

Keep in mind that flannel clothing does not exclusively refer to button-down flannel shirts and consider the slew of options in upping the warmth factor. A seemingly impenetrable sherpa-lined flannel jacket, for instance, will stave off the chill of the winter air. Or, skip the claustrophobic long johns and keep your legs cozy with flannel-lined jeans or pants, instead.

Do You Need Even More Flannel Coziness For Time Spent Outdoors?

Unless you plan on wearing flannel coveralls with a built in hood, mittens and footies, you’ll need some more coverage when enjoying the frigid temperatures in the great outdoors. Whether or not your great aunt was correct in asserting that 90 percent of your body heat escapes from your head, chilly ears and scalps do not make for an enjoyable experience.

Pop on a flannel trapper hat for full coverage and an authentic nod toward the all-American outdoors aesthetic. While plaid and gingham are common patterns attributed to flannel, it is also available in solids and other patterns, like stripes, so play around with your options for a look that is suited to your personal style. Oh, and a flannel scarf – your face and neck will thank you.

Are You Buying Flannel To Keep Your Children Warm?

Your little ones are probably more likely than yourself to complain about itchy winter clothes, and good luck keeping them bundled up if they feel constricted! Aside from the adorable vision of your cherubs decked out in flannel, you’ll enjoy how cozy your children feel; the durability of the fabric that won’t pill or snag; and how easy it is to wash.

For extra softness, look for brushed flannel. You’ve seen this – it is flannel, but appears softer and a bit fuzzier to the touch. It’s simply been rubbed with a metal brush for an even more enchanting tactile experience. You know, the sort of thing kids love to cuddle up in. Just like the clothing and accessories made for adults, you will find flannel-lined jeans, flannel shirts and outerwear perfect for your child. Consider other options as well, like hooded flannels.

Do You Want To Wear Flannel To Bed, Too?

Why stop with flannel day wear when you can wear it during snooze time, too? While hopping into bed in your flannel shirt and flannel-lined jeans might cause your loved ones to become a bit concerned about your mental health, that desire to keep your cozy duds on it completely understandable.

Lucky for you, there’s a huge world full of flannel sleepwear for you (and for your little ones, too).

Once you fall in love with the soft, cuddly experience that is flannel clothing, attempting to make room for other cold-weather fabrics can feel like a major challenge.

Even better? It’s giftable to just about everyone, even pets, so you can spread the joy (while feeling quite comfy and prepared for gift-giving) during every winter and holiday season to come.

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