Drying Sans Dryer: A Buyer's Guide To Clothes Drying Racks And Lines

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Drying Sans Dryer: A Buyer's Guide To Clothes Drying Racks And Lines

Clothes drying lines and racks are perfect if you want to be environmentally friendly, want to save money on your utility bills or you just don’t have a clothes dryer. The bottom line is that drying your clothes does not have to be a difficult chore. You just need the right equipment. However, there are different types of clotheslines and racks to choose from. Choosing the right one depends on your situation. You can dry your clothes indoors or outdoors, or in large areas or small areas. This guide will help you pick the best dryer for your situation.

Do You Want To Hang Dry Sheets And Blankets?

Standard outdoor clotheslines are perfect for hang drying large items like sheets and blankets as well as smaller items like towels and clothes. A standard outdoor clothesline is the same type of clothesline that your grandmother used. It is basically a rope that you hang items from using clothespins. These types of clotheslines require a lot of space so make sure you have sufficient yard space to accommodate your clothesline. If you just want a basic clothesline, the Coghlan’s Bungee Clothesline is just what you need. This clothesline has a bungee cord at each end so you can quickly attach it to a tree branch or deck post. If you want a more permanent and sturdy setup, get the Heavy-Duty T-Post Clothesline. It comes with two sturdy metal posts and a strong rope. The posts are dug into the ground and the rope is attached to the post with the included hardware. Don’t forget the clothespins. These Everbilt Wood Clothespins come in a pack of 50 and are safe for use outdoors.

Do You Want A Clothesline That You Can Easily Hide When Not In Use?

If you want a clothesline that you quickly hide when not in use, you will love the Lehigh 20’ Retractable Clothesline. This isn’t your grandma’s clothesline. It looks like a large retractable dog leash. It can be used indoors or outdoors. You simply attach the device to a wall, RV, boat, porch or wherever else you want it, using the included hardware. Pull out the clothesline when you want to dry your laundry. When you do not need it, retract the clothesline so that it is out of sight.

Do You Only Have A Limited Amount Of Outdoor Space?

Umbrella clotheslines are great if you only have a limited amount of outdoor space or if you don’t want a rope hanging across your yard. Umbrella clotheslines are shaped like umbrellas and have multiple ropes so that you can hang a lot of clothes in a small area. This Umbrella Clothes Dryer is made out of aluminum and steel. It posts into the ground and can be adjusted to a four or six foot height. You will need clothespins to hang your clothes on the Umbrella Clothes Dryer.

Are Clotheslines Not Allowed In Your Area?

Some neighborhoods ban clotheslines because they think they are unsightly. It’s not fair, but what can you do? Don’t worry. You don’t have to give up on the idea of drying your clothes in an environmentally friendly way. You can get a clothes drying rack instead. This Wood Dryer with White Coated Dowels is portable and can be used indoors or outdoors. It folds up easily, making it ultra-portable. This is also a good option if you don’t have a backyard for a clothesline. Use it inside or place it on your porch. No clothespins are needed because you simply drape your clothes over the white dowels to dry. Another good drying rack is the Household Essentials Collapsible Indoor Tripod 36 Garments Clothes Dryer. It is only suitable for indoor use because it can tip over outdoors if there is any wind. The Household Essentials Clothes Dryer is small but it holds up to 36 pieces of clothing. To use the dryer, hang your wet clothes on a hanger and hang the hanger on the dryer.

Do You Live In A Humid Environment?

If you live in a really humid area, then getting your clothes to completely dry, indoors or outdoors, can be difficult. An electric clothing rack works well in humid environments. The Easy Dry Portable Clothes Dryer looks like a clothing rack except it has a bag that covers the clothes. The clothes dryer plugs into a standard electrical outlet and blows gentle warm air on the clothes to aid drying. Even though this clothes dryer uses electricity, it still uses far less than a regular automatic clothes drying machine.

The bottom line is that you will save money on your utility bills no matter which clothing line or rack you choose. Sure, it will take a little longer to dry your clothes, but you can feel good knowing that you are being a little easier on the environment.


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