Beauty Guide: All About Dry Shampoo

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Beauty Guide: All About Dry Shampoo

When your day consists of waking up late, traffic, work, appointments and errands, sometimes there just isn't enough time to take a shower and have a head of freshly washed hair. But when that kind of busy day repeats itself and your hair begins to resemble a greasy slice of pizza (ew), you might want a quick and easy solution: dry shampoo, a cleansing powder that doesn't require water and absorbs excess oil, grease, product build-up and dirt pollutants.

Dry Shampoo Is Great for When You:

  • Don’t want to wash your hair daily due to damaged hair
  • Don’t want to wash your hair daily to prevent damaged hair
  • Want your hair to retain its natural and beneficial oils
  • Don’t have time to take a shower and dry your hair, much less style it
  • Feel your hair looks stringy and limp and needs a volume boost by the end of the day
  • Are between expensive blow-outs at the salon and want to extend a freshly styled look
  • Want to camouflage your roots with a tinted dry shampoo
  • Want to prolong hair color life by reducing frequency of hair washing
  • Do not have access to a shower (for example, while traveling or camping)
  • Need to quickly freshen up after a gym session
  • Have an updo and need a styling product’s help to keep it in place

Tips for Dry Shampoo Usage:

  • Find a dry shampoo that closely matches your hair color, especially if you have dark hair. Otherwise, the light color of standard dry shampoo may leave a noticeable white residue in your hair.
  • A little goes a long way. Lengthen the usage life of your dry shampoo by only applying it to areas needing oil absorption.
  • Dry shampoo is not considered ideal for coarse or curly hair since the shampoo requires brushing out after application. It also does not work well on extremely clean hair since it needs to stick to at least a slightly oily surface.
  • Try applying dry shampoo over the sink or away from items that you don’t want to accidentally come in contact with the powder.
  • Always brush out your hair prior to application so there are no tangles, and make sure there are no hairs already stuck to the brush because the hairs will simply put oil back in your hair.

Would You Prefer a Powder Option?

The powdered format of dry shampoo is often preferred for close and detailed application to roots and strands of hair. For an option that requires such a hands-on application (no spray bottle or included brush), try out the Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo. Available in a 1 oz. bottle or a 2.5 oz. bottle, the dry shampoo possesses a clean, lemon verbena scent and is a favorite for travelers since the small size is allowed on board flights. It’s also recommended for individuals with light-colored hair.

Do You Have a Sensitive Scalp?

If your scalp is sensitive to hair products, try Klorane’s Gentle dry shampoo. Formulated with oat milk, which has soothing and moisturizing properties, the dry shampoo comes in a 3.2 oz. spray bottle. Application requires spraying the shampoo evenly at 10 inches away from your hair, focusing on its roots. Then, the manufacturer advises leaving on the shampoo for two minutes before brushing thoroughly and removing all of the powder.

Do You Want Application With a Brush?

For spray-free and non-directly touching application and ability to control the precise amount of dry shampoo to be used, Jonathan Product’s Green Rootine Dry Shampoo has a convenient brush-on applicator with an open/close dial that accompanies the .3 oz. bottle. The hair powder comes in two versions, one for dark hair and one for light hair. It also features all natural, Vegan ingredients. And if you’re looking for a product without a scent, the Green Rootine Dry Shampoo is fragrance free.

Are You on a Budget?

For an inexpensive option, check out Batiste Dry Shampoo, priced at less than $10 for a 5.05 oz. bottle. The lightweight spray bottle adds shine and volume to the root. It comes in four different aromas, including “Blush,” “Refresh” and “Brit” for those who desire a strong scent or “Original” for those who would prefer an odor-free option.

Do You Want a DIY Option?

An even cheaper option is using baby powder as dry shampoo, instead of purchasing more expensive store-bought options. Or, you can even improvise with materials found in your kitchen cabinets, such cornstarch; salt with cornstarch; and oatmeal with baking soda. For users with darker hair, add a bit of cocoa powder for an easier-to-camouflage mixture.

Furthermore, if you wish for a perfumed DIY version, you can add dried flowers or herbs such as roses, lavender and mint. Put the mixture in a lidded jar and store the jar in a dry, dark and closed-off area for two to four weeks. By then, the powder will have fully absorbed the added scent.

You can still have fresh and clean looking hair, even when on-the-go. Dry shampoo is the simple answer to individuals who intentionally choose not to wash their hair the traditional way or for those who find themselves without the means or time, but still want to look and feel great.

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