How To Buy The Best Dog House

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How To Buy The Best Dog House

Every dog owner knows that his or her canine friend deserves lots of love and attention. When you adopt a dog, it becomes so much more than just a pet: Your dog becomes part of the family. Just like everyone else in the house, your dog will need some space to call its own.

Dogs are naturally den animals, so they will feel comfy in a small, cozy dog house. Before you go out and buy your doggie a new home, read up on this guide to make sure you get the perfect house for your furry friend.

What Size Is Your Dog?

The biggest factor in purchasing a dog house is the size of your dog. Dogs don’t actually need their houses to be very large. The house should be big enough that the dog can stand up, turn around and lie down completely stretched out. If the house is too big and too roomy, your dog may not feel very comfortable sleeping there. A large dog like a golden retriever or a husky would sleep well in this Premium Dog House or this Indigo Dog House. A small dog such as a Chihuahua or a pug would fit in this Igloo Style Bed or Doggy Den Dog House.

What Is The Weather Like Outdoors?

Some dogs are simply too big to be indoor pets. If this is the case with your canine friend, you’ll need to make sure that its dog house can handle the weather. A good all-weather option is a hinged roof dog house like this Slant Roof Cedar Dog House.

A hinged roof means that you can shut it tight and keep out cold weather, then open it up and let cool air flow in during the hotter days. Slanted roofs are also great for rainy weather because the water runs off the dog house, instead of collecting on top or getting your poor pooch wet. These are better for colder weather than peaked roofs because the peak can cause loss of heat retention, as well as attract bugs like hornets and wasps.

Need An Indoor Dog House?

Some dogs, especially the smaller breeds, simply have to be indoors. There are many different options for dog houses that your dog will love and that will match your own home décor. This Pet Haven Indoor Dog House is a must have for small dog owners. It comes with a built in bed, storage on top, and even folds away for storage. If you live somewhere where it’s often very hot, the Cool Cot Pet House can help keep your pet cool. This house is lifted off the ground to let cool air flow underneath your dog to make sure it doesn’t overheat on a hot summer day.

Large dogs can stay indoors as well! This Large Indoor Dog House is simple, but it will provide a comfortable place for your dog to sleep comfortably inside the house.

Going Somewhere?

Just because you live an adventurous, outdoorsy life doesn’t mean your dog has to miss out. Next time you leave for a trip, get a portable dog house and bring your dog along for the ride. This Lucky Dog Portable Dog House comes in large and small sizes. It pops up like a tent and provides a safe space for your pup to sleep.

Some little dogs can fit in tiny portable houses, like this Collapsible Pink Dog House. Tiny houses like these come in many different colors and patterns, and they are better for indoors. So if your puppy is traveling with you and you are staying inside like a hotel or a friend’s house, this kind of dog house can easily fit in a suitcase without hassle.

Looking For A Cheaper Alternative?

Sometimes dog houses can be a bit pricey, but there are ways to buy a cozy space for your dog without actually buying a dog house. For small dogs, a simple Cat Carrier will do the trick. Line the bottom with a couple small blankets and give them one of their favorite toys and your little pup will fall in love with its new home.

For large dogs, you can always make your own dog house. With some wood, tools and a good how-to guide, you can easily make your own custom dog house at a fraction of the price.

A good, solid dog house can last for years if you pick out one that can withstand the weather where you live. Make sure you take all of your dog’s needs into consideration before settling on one. If your dog has trouble accepting its new house, put its toys or a few blankets it can bury itself in so that it will feel more comfortable. With a good dog house, you’ll have a happy healthy puppy in no time!

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