A Guide To Concrete Floor Cleaning And Care

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A Guide To Concrete Floor Cleaning And Care

Though you may initially imagine a concrete floor as bland and just... gray-looking, trends and styles are changing. Plain concrete has advanced far past its once-lackluster gray shades and is found in stylish homes with ornamental colors and patterns.

This style of flooring is rising in popularity, and whether you already have concrete floors or plan to jump aboard the concrete floor train, review the following guide to keep your floor looking spick and span.

Types Of Decorative Concrete

  • Stamped: Stamped concrete is an extra durable choice, especially when it receives proper maintenance and has been sealed correctly.
  • Stained: Stained concrete has a rich and permanent color, unlike coated or painted floors. These should be sealed every year or so, particularly if water has ceased to bead up on the surface.
  • Integrally Colored: Integrally colored concrete consists of one solid color because pigments were dispersed evenly into the concrete. A positive attribute is that colors will not wear away over time.
  • Engraved: Engraved concrete features permanent designs that were cut into hardened concrete. It also may be stained for added color.
  • Overlay: Overlay concrete covers existing concrete, hiding imperfections or just enhancing a less appealing look.

Decorative Concrete

Clean your decorative concrete floor on a regular basis to remove surface dirt, grease, rust, stains and any other grime build up.

  • For General Cleaning: Sweep your floors thoroughly. Use a dust mop to pick up dust and other fine particles. With warm water and a non-metallic, soft brush, scrub your floor. This should remove the surface dirt.
  • For Stronger Cleaning: If water doesn’t do the trick, try a water and mild soap solution or cleaner. Mop with the cleaning solution and be sure to wring and rinse the mop frequently.
  • If Your Concrete Floors Are Polished: For polished floors, dust occasionally to remove any surface dirt and grit. Damp mopping with a neutral cleaner will serve to enhance your floor’s shine.
  • Clean Up Spills Immediately: Properly stained floors should be stain-resistant, but always immediately wipe up spills with a slightly wet rag.

In high-traffic areas, polished concrete floors may lose their luster over time.

  • Rebuff Your Floor: To rebuff your floors, you will need a commercial polishing compound, such as a high-speed buffer with a white pad, or light use of a fine-grit abrasive. You can also contact a professional for guaranteed excellence.
  • Reseal Your Floor: Every three to four years, reseal your floors for both practical and superficial maintenance. For the best results, it is recommended to hire a professional for resealing concrete floors. However, it is possible to do it yourself – just make sure to contact the original workers who installed the concrete floor to know which sealer to use. Also, seal your floor in a room temperature setting, preferably at 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid hot or rainy weather.

Standard Concrete

Standard concrete requires a different type of cleaning and maintenance routine.

  • For General Cleaning: Sweep your concrete floors regularly.
  • For Yearly Cleaning: Once a year, you will need a more detailed and thorough cleaning of your standard concrete floor. On a sunny day, completely clear out the affected space and sweep the floor. With a water hose, spray the floor from front to back and side to side. Focus particularly on any corners that may have collected extra dirt and grime buildup. Then, while the floor is still wet, sprinkle the floor with a dry and granular cleaner and then scrub the mixture with a push broom. Finally, rinse again with a hose.
  • For Extremely Dirty Floors: Consider purchasing or renting a power washer. Strictly follow all included instructions and wear safety goggles when operating the machine. For heavy oil or grease stains, choose a hot water power washer.

Concrete floors are relatively easy to maintain. As long as you follow these basic guidelines, you will enjoy the lasting simplicity and beauty of a concrete floor in your home.

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