Banish Imperfections: Find The Best Concealer For You

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Banish Imperfections: Find The Best Concealer For You

It happens far too often. You wake up exhausted after a late night and see eyes shadowed with dark circles staring back at you from the mirror. Or, it's the day of a big presentation at work or a date with that new guy you really like, and you are feeling great until you glance in the mirror and spot a bright red blemish turning your nose as conspicuous as Rudolph's.

When bad skin days happen, a good concealer goes far in covering up the damages. Whether you need to hide the flushed capillaries of rosacea, acne blemishes and scars, dark circles or the uneven pigment often caused by pregnancy or aging, the perfect concealer will leave you feeling confident as you walk out the door.

How Do You Choose The Right Color?

Like foundation, the right concealer will disappear into your skin, not be obviously darker or lighter than your natural skin tone. If possible, test the concealer on your jawline – you want a shade that is just a little bit lighter than your skin. If you are buying a drugstore brand that doesn’t offer testers, hold the package against your face to compare tones.

Are You Covering Acne Blemishes?

One of the most common uses of concealer is covering pimples and acne scars. You don’t have to be a teenager to suffer with breakouts; women through their 40s often still struggle with acne. Stick concealers have the thick coverage needed to hide a blemish, yet are still creamy enough to blend into a natural finish. Murad Acne Treatment Concealer has excellent coverage, and contains 2% salicylic acid to help heal blemishes while hiding them. It comes in three shades from light to medium-dark.

Do You Have Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

The bane of new mothers and shift workers everywhere, dark under-eye circles make you look older, worn and unhealthy. Concealer with a creamy texture is best for blending into the thin skin under your eyes, and if you have especially dark circles, a concealer with a slight yellow or peach tint will counteract the blue. Bobbi Brown Corrector is long lasting and creamy textured and comes in a very wide range of peach-based tones to take your eyes from exhausted to wide-awake and sparkling.

Do You Have Areas Of Redness?

If rosacea, sensitive skin, damage or a very fair complexion has left you with reddened areas around your nose, cheeks and chin, don’t think you need a very dark or pink concealer to create an even appearance. A creamy, concentrated makeup, such as the Soft Cream Concealer from Paula’s Choice, blends easily to reduce redness and create a healthy, smooth glow.

Are You Concealing A Scar?

Scars from an injury, surgery or severe acne can be quite challenging to conceal. It requires maximum coverage, along with a perfect color match to your skin tone. Dermablend Cover Crème solves both problems with a large range of colors from very fair to very dark and a smooth texture that covers every imperfection easily and completely.

Is Your Skin Sensitive?

You don’t want to create an even bigger problem by applying an irritating product to skin that is overly sensitive. If you have blemishes, dark circles or discolorations, but your skin reacts to the ingredients in most beauty products, a mineral makeup is your best bet. These powder products are made from natural minerals ground into an extremely fine texture and lack the ingredients that often cause problems, such as fragrance, oils or synthetics. Cover up acne spots or whisk away dark circles with Well Rested from bareMinerals.

Do You Have Fine Lines Around Your Eyes?

If you have fine lines around your eyes, concealer tends to settle into the grooves, creating an even worse appearance. You need a lightweight, creamy product that glides over the lines without creasing or slipping. Simply Ageless from CoverGirl is combined with Olay’s Regenerist Serum for the smoothest concealer that stays suspended on your skin, instead of settling into wrinkles and lines. It helps to brighten and revitalize your appearance and covers dark circles and other complexion imperfections.

What's The Best Way To Apply Concealer?

Concealer can be close to a miracle worker when applied correctly. Once you have the best product in the right color for your skin tone, use it effectively to conceal imperfections.

  • If you are covering dark circles, apply concealer before foundation.
  • If covering acne or discolored areas, apply the concealer on top of your foundation.
  • Apply concealer in thin layers, building coverage gradually to avoid a caked appearance.
  • Dot small circles of concealer under the eyes and in the inner corners, then gently blend them with a fingertip.
  • When covering a pimple, use a small concealer brush or a Q-tip to apply makeup to the reddened area around the blemish, and then gently smooth the edges of the concealer for a natural look. Large pimples might need two or three thin layers of product for optimum concealment.
  • If you have pockmarks or depressed scars, use a small makeup brush to apply concealer in the center of the scar, but not over the edges. Raised scars should be patted with a concealer over the scar’s top, and then carefully blend the makeup along the scar’s base.
  • Use a fluffy makeup brush to apply a light dusting of powder over concealer to set it and give a natural finish.

Acne, dark circles, scars and other skin imperfections are all beauty challenges, but with a good concealer, you can tackle and conquer even the most stubborn complexion spoiler. 

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