Easy And Cheap Date Ideas: Have Fun With Your Sweetie For Less

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Easy And Cheap Date Ideas: Have Fun With Your Sweetie For Less

Want to spice up your love life, but don't have lots of cash to spend? No problem. There are tons of easy and cheap date ideas that will make your sweetie swoon. With a little planning, you can create unique and memorable dates that will bring you two closer together. Try one of these ideas for a night you'll never forget. 

Two-for-One Bar/Restaurant

Dinner and a movie can add up pretty quickly, and before you know it — you’ve spent $100 or more in just one night! But what if you could get food, drinks and entertainment all in one location for a fraction of the price? In most cities (even small ones), there’s usually at least one bar, coffee shop or restaurant that offers something extra for patrons at no extra cost – it could be live music, darts, pool tables, a trivia night or plenty of fun board games to play. If you’re willing to spend a few bucks on drinks and maybe an appetizer, you could have a fun-filled and unique date without spending nearly as much as the typical dinner and a movie.

Dollar Store Surprise

Check out the local dollar store and see what they have to offer. Bring $5 or $10, and challenge yourselves to create a great date just with the money you’ve brought. You’d be surprised at what you can find – a deck of cards, some candles, craft supplies or even a couple of cheap kites. Use your imagination and make the date a surprise for both of you.

Workouts For Two

Go for a bike ride, go rollerblading or kick the soccer ball around. If you want to get a little more adventurous, call up some local gyms and ask for free one-day passes to try out their facility. You can try a fun class like Zumba or use the racquetball court for a free, fun day. This is the perfect idea for the active couple who wants to step outside the box.

Winter Wonderland

Most people stay inside during the colder months, but you’d be surprised at how much fun it can be to venture out into your own winter wonderland. Dress in your warmest clothes and have a little picnic on a local park bench. Pack some hot cocoa or even some warm soup to share. Go sledding on a nearby hill before going for a walk to check out a frozen lake or some decorated holiday trees. Don’t forget to gaze up at the stars in the cold, clear winter skies.

For Sale Signs

If you two love fantasizing about your dream house, then use your weekend afternoon to go visit some open houses in the area. Be sure to wear nice clothes and don’t lead the realtor on – just use the opportunity to admire some beautiful homes. Make a game of it by discussing how you’d decorate or paint each room. While you’re at it, be sure to scope out the refreshments – lots of open houses offer a little food or even some wine. Not the dream house types? Do the same thing at your local car dealership, and test out a few rides.

Make It From Scratch

Some of the cheapest food can be found at your local you-pick farms. Whether it’s berries, apples or something else, spend the day frolicking in the fields with your sweetheart picking the juiciest, ripest fruits you can find. But that’s only the beginning – the next step is heading home and making something with what you picked. Make a delicious dessert and enjoy it while watching a movie or sitting on your front porch.

Would You Rather

Think of some fun questions to ask your partner, like “Would you rather be really hairy or completely bald?” Ask them to do the same and have a ball hearing each other’s hilarious responses. You can also get creative with the game 20 questions. Ask some serious ones (like “What’s your dream job?”), along with some goofy ones (like “What’s the worst thing you ever smelled?”). It can be silly, fun and enlightening all in one date, and you can play the games anywhere, any time.

Use these ideas to have a fun and unique date night that hardly costs you anything. Even better, take your own personalized spin on it and make it your own.

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