Guide To Unique And Novelty Cellphone Chargers

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Guide To Unique And Novelty Cellphone Chargers

Instead of sticking to the basic charger that every Tom, Dick and Jane received with their cellphone purchase, why not try something outside the box? Choose a unique novelty charger that makes your daily cellphone charging routine a little more interesting, a little more eco-friendly or a little more apt for your home décor.

Do You Travel Often?

When you’re catching red eye flights and checking in and out of various hotels, the last thing you want is a tangled collection of cables in your suitcase. Save yourself the annoyance of untangling with a specialized travel charger. Restoration Hardware’s Roll Up Travel Charger requires only one power source but contains four charging outlets/USB connectors on one bar, all compatible with iPhone 3G and 4, iPad 2 and the iPod. The lightweight device is convenient and stylish, diminishing cable clutter.

Want To Use Only One Wall Outlet?

Another charger that cuts down on using more than one outlet is twelvesouth’s PlugBug. This dual product is as elegantly designed as the Apple products it caters to: the MacBook, iPhone (including the iPhone 5) and iPad. The powerful 10-watt charging capacity is ideal for the iPad, which requires twice the power of a typical USB charger.

Have A Woodland Theme?

If your home has a woodsy theme or could use a natural-looking accent, try out the woodtec iPhone/iPod charging stand. This docking station smells of Cedar since it’s handmade from an actual branch and can be a pretty decoration on a shelf, coffee table or nightstand. Because it utilizes a standard USB plug, the stand is compatible to charge and sync with a computer or be plugged into an outlet. For $20 extra, woodtec will install a genuine Apple Lightning cable for iPhone 5 users.

Are You An Android User?

Novelty Android chargers are scarcer compared to their Apple competition, but the Andru for Androids can hold its own in the cellphone rivalry. The 2.5-inch-tall green and white robot is compatible with Android phones and USB devices and has moveable arms and flexible antennae. Simply plug your Android or USB device into the robot’s “head” and then plug the robot’s “feet” into a wall outlet or power strip to charge your cellphone’s battery.

Want A Flexible Charging Stand?

For a cool-looking and bendable charger, try a charger from Fuse Chicken’s Bobine collection. There’s both a Petite Bobine (12 inches tall) and a Une Bobine  (24 inches tall) for the iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as one of each for Micro|USB products, including the Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone. All accessories charge your cellphone by USB or wall outlet connection and can sync to a computer. The metal connector allows you to shape and bend the stand as you wish for utmost flexibility. Bonus features of the metal connector: a steadying method for photography and videography, in addition to a way to place your phone at eye level for video chat or FaceTime.

Want A Camouflaged Charging Station?

For an inconspicuous charging station, choose one that can sufficiently blend in with its surroundings. If books often adorn your bedside table, an iPhone charger disguised as “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” or a Jane Austen novel is a perfect means of disguise and adds to your décor’s bookish impression. These book charging stations can also double as great bookends to an authentic collection of literary works.

Do You Commute Via Bicycle?

If you ride your bicycle to work or school or often ride recreationally, check out ECOXPOWER’S Pedal Powered Headlight + GPS/Mobile Device Charger. The universal charger is compatible with all iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows cellular devices, in addition to MP3 USB and GPS devices. What’s more, pedaling is what powers the charger and supplementary headlight, making the product a very eco-friendly and healthy choice. Mounted to the hub of your bike’s front wheel, the Power Jack & Cable Connection supplies this battery energy to your phone fixed to your handlebars and in a water-resistant touchscreen case.

Need A Family-Friendly Charging Station?

When you and your tech savvy family members all want to charge your cellphones at once, there aren’t always enough available sockets. USBfever’s Super Charger Dock provides the solution. This dock can simultaneously charge up to four smartphones and/or tablets. Compatible with Apple products (iPhone 5 users must purchase the Lightning cable separately) and Samsung Galaxy products, the black accessory weighs 600 grams and boasts of a no-nonsense, practical design.

Don’t find yourself in the predicament of zero battery life when you need your smartphone the most. Keep it charged and in a way that fits your design preference or lifestyle. 

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