Best Car Accessory Products For Your Road Trip

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Best Car Accessory Products For Your Road Trip

There's nothing quite like the feeling of a fun-filled road trip with your best friends or family, loudly singing along to a pre-prepared playlist with the windows down. Or, perhaps the road trip is a solo and tranquil adventure, with you driving only with welcomed silence to clear your mind. Regardless of the road trip's circumstances, there are plenty of great car accessory products that will help make your expedition pleasant and stress-free.

Have You Considered All Potentially Necessary Safety Products?

First and foremost, a first-aid kit should be in your car at all times, especially for a longer car ride. The all-encompassing AAA 121-Piece Road Trip First Aid Kit is compact in size but still holds a multitude of safety essentials, such as a whistle, tweezers, gloves, sting relief pads, bandages, antiseptic towelettes and sterile gauze pads. Add at least two flashlights to accompany your first-aid kit, such as this 3AA - 4 LED Carabineer Flashlight, and don’t forget extra batteries!

Do You Have A Backup Plan In Case Of Car Troubles?

Road trips can be exhausting not only for a vehicle’s passengers, but also for the vehicle itself. A car is not 100 percent guaranteed to last a long road trip. Think ahead: Keep a spare tire in your trunk, along with a car jump starter as smart safety precautions. Triple A membership is another great road trip safeguard. Their roadside assistance offers jump starts, tire changes, gas delivery and towing services. Not to mention, owning AAA membership might make your road trip destination’s hotel more affordable with their discount offers.

Do You Actively Use Your Cellphone?

If you’re sitting passenger and will be on your phone constantly to pass the time or will be using your cellphone as a GPS navigational device or an mp3 player, don’t forget a compatible charger! A dual port high-speed USB car charger, such as this compact version by Arcadia, is great for multiple passenger road trips with its Y-shaped layout. It also is perfect for those who have an additional device that needs charging, such as a tablet or E-reader, for later use.

Do You Like Your Drinks Chilled?

When the weather is hot and your air conditioning isn’t quite keeping you cool, a chilled drink is exceptionally refreshing for a parched throat. Avoid lukewarm drinks during your road trip with this Koolatron Compact Kooler. Designed to fit snugly behind the driver or front passenger’s seat, the cooling unit uses electricity from your car’s cigarette lighter to blow cold air over food and beverages, keeping them 40 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than outside temperature.

Do You Get Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness can occur from movement while in a car and actually begins with a simple disturbance in the inner ear, according to SymptonFind.com. Causing factors might include lack of fresh air, a recent meal of spicy or greasy food or reading while the car is moving. Besides changing how and where you sit in the car, one popular method to alleviate car sickness is wearing a wristband like the Sea-Band Adult Wristband. By slightly squeezing your wrists’ pressure points, the wristband helps to prevent feelings of nausea. The TravelJohn-Disposable Urinal will also come in handy for those with motion sickness and in cases of bathroom emergencies. Its biodegradable and nontoxic pouch is lined with a polymer substance and absorbs liquid waste, rendering it odorless.

Will You Have A Baby On Board?

Instead of waking up your baby boy or girl when you pull over for a bathroom break or to refill your vehicle’s gas, utilize a car seat adapter such as the UPPAbaby Car Seat Adapter for Graco. Easy to install, this adaptable infant seat for a Vista stroller frame is lightweight and will hold the car seat firmly in place with simple snap and clip functionality. This way, your baby won’t be disturbed from a nap, and you won’t have to endlessly coax the baby back to sleep for a peaceful car ride. Another valuable baby product is the portable Yoomi 8 oz. bottle that does not require any batteries or hot water. Instead, the BPA-free product takes only a minute to warm baby’s feed to the ideal breast milk temperature.

Is Your Road Trip Companion A Dog?

If a furry friend is accompanying you on your road trip, protect your car seats from potential damage with a seat cover designed for pets. Avoid spills, dirt and other potential messes with the Solvit Deluxe Bench Seat Cover. With hardware strap and metal connectors to securely fit to your backseat’s headrests and bottoms, the easy-to-install and clean cover lies across the backseat and under your pet. For a smaller dog that weighs up to 12 pounds, turn to their Tagalong Pet Booster Seat. The seat comes with a removable and washable faux-sheepskin liner, and it is a much safer substitute for a smaller dog sitting on a driver’s lap.

By fully preparing with the right car accessory products and keeping tips for a safe and enjoyable road trip in mind, your upcoming road trip will be one with less hassle and more opportunity for enjoyment.

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