All About Books: Accessories For Those Who Love To Read

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All About Books: Accessories For Those Who Love To Read

Curling up with a good book, a cup of tea and a warm throw wrapped around your shoulders... what could be more pleasant and relaxing, especially on a cold or rainy afternoon? Taking a day, or even an hour or two, to do nothing but lose yourself in a wonderful book is a luxury everyone should enjoy now and then. If you have a bookworm on your gift list, or if you are an avid reader and want to provide yourself some pampering, then choosing something to make reading time more comfortable, easier or more convenient is sure to be appreciated.

Do You Need A Little More Light?

Sometimes, you just need more light. That’s especially the case if you love to stay up late reading in bed, but your significant other prefers to have lights out early. There are a variety of lights available that shine a beam just onto your page, making it easy for your eyes to focus, yet letting a bed partner get comfortable shut-eye. The Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 does indeed have a mighty bright LED light to provide plenty of reading light. It’s very small and lightweight, with a strong clip that attaches to anything nearby, including your headboard, e-book reader, nightstand or your book’s hard cover. A flexible neck lets you aim the light just where you need it. No more complaints from a tired partner requesting lights out.

Do You Want To Go Beyond Paper And Ink?

If someone on your gift list (maybe it’s you!) prefers technology over old-fashioned paper and ink, an e-book reader such as the Kindle or Nook can hold dozens of novels, magazines, newspapers or articles. These electronic devices recreate the experience of reading a traditional book with e-ink technology that mimics the look and feel of ink on paper, without the glare or eyestrain that a laptop or tablet creates. Unlike a tablet or computer, an e-book reader is not backlit, so just as with a traditional book, you need to be surrounded with enough ambient light to read comfortably. Lightweight and portable, an e-book reader is perfect for anyone who has a lengthy commute, travels extensively or likes to read several books at a time.

Do You Need A Hand?

If you want your hands free while you read, a bookstand will do the holding for you. The uniquely shaped Peeramid Bookrest holds your book, tablet or e-reader at the perfect angle for comfortable reading. It comes in lots of great colors and patterns, too, so you can match your bedroom décor. If you want a book holder that functions like a stand, and has a clip to hold your book open, the Bookgem Book Holder is perfect for most books, tablets and e-readers. It’s a wonderful gift for anyone who uses cookbooks, likes to snack while reading, or takes notes while studying.

Do Your Books Tend To Tip Over On The Shelf?

If your books keep falling over on the shelf, or you have a curious kitty who likes to roam your library at night and tip things over, a set of sturdy bookends will keep everything in line. As long as they are heavy enough to hold books in place, bookends can be any design from traditional to wildly whimsical, so choose the theme that best suits the recipient's personality.

Are You Always Searching For Shelf Space? 

If you really love to read and always seem to be buying more books, then you probably also find you never have enough shelves to hold them all. Even a small room has space for a tall, slender metal bookcase that has 11 shelves to hold your current reading list, or display your favorite books. If you prefer a more traditional look, a folding wooden bookshelf with four tiers holds plenty of your favorites, and can easily be put away in storage when not in use.

Do You Love To Read In Bed?

At the end of a long day, it’s very relaxing to spend some time reading the newest release by your favorite author. But sometimes it’s hard to get comfortable when reading in bed. Your pillows don’t give quite enough support, or your back and neck get strained and sore. An ergonomically designed bed lounger takes care of the problem by surrounding and supporting you with cushioned comfort. You’ll feel cradled and relaxed enough to read for hours.

Do You Want to Relax In The Bath?

Soaking in a warm bath eases away the aches and pains of arthritis, an overly vigorous zumba class, or just the tribulations of the day. It’s even more enjoyable with a good book, but wet pages are often the outcome of reading in the tub. Solve the problem with a bathtub caddy made of beautiful bamboo and chrome that not only has grooves to hold your book securely in place; it even has a wineglass holder. Now that’s real relaxation!

True bibliophiles are always adding to their must-have reading list. If you know someone who would rather have her nose in a book than anywhere else, choose a book lover’s accessory that will make her reading time even more enjoyable.

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