A Shopping Guide To Bib Necklaces

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A Shopping Guide To Bib Necklaces

Bib statement necklaces are a powerful and fashionable accessory. They demand attention through their sheer size or elaborate decoration. Wearing a statement necklace is an excellent way to add flair to an outfit and catch plenty of admiring glances from onlookers. With help from the following buyer's guide to bib necklaces, don't let their youthful name fool you or their daring nature intimidate you!

Tips For Wearing A Bib Statement Necklace

Keep Your Clothing Simple: Bib statement necklaces are loud accessories. The rest of your outfit should be simple; refrain from busy prints so your ensemble does not look too busy. For example, a statement necklace with multiple chains, jewels and colors would look fantastic over a basic white neutral, but would look overwhelming over a leopard print top. Balance is key.

A Bib Necklace Should Be A Lone Soldier: Just as your clothing should be simple with a statement necklace, wear a minimal amount of other jewelry. Earrings would hang close to your necklace, so avoid any that that dangle or overly sparkle. If worn, earrings should only be small studs. Similarly, bracelets, if worn, should be thin, monochromatic bangles. The most appropriate piece of jewelry to wear along with a statement necklace is at most, one to three rings.

Your Bib Necklace Is An Investment: Bib necklaces are often so ornate that they are more expensive than your average necklace. While these statement necklaces can dress up your basic ensemble of jeans and a tee or make a tired outfit look new again, they also can add to a more sophisticated gown or LBD. Invest in a quality piece that you can wear with many different outfits.

Play With Your Necklines: Experiment with your clothing’s necklines! As a versatile piece, the bib necklace looks great with a variety of tops and dresses, including those with angular or Peter Pan collars. For example, you can keep your collar buttoned all the way up and tuck your necklace under the collar slightly, allowing it to peek out. This contrast of modest and bold is an interesting pop to any outfit.

Different Types Of Bib Statement Necklaces

Collar: The collar necklace bears a strong resemblance to its namesake: the collar. Collar necklaces are available in angular geometric colors or rounded Peter Pan collars. The actual material of the necklace can vary from gold metal chains to pearls tied together by ribbon to rows of sequins to simple fabric without any major embellishments.

Pair your collared necklace with a higher neckline for a refined look. You might even fool spectators into thinking that the collar necklace is an actual extension of your top! Although collar necklaces with a collar necklace should generally be avoided, if the two collars’ shapes are different and you’re feeling confident, feel free to couple the two for a look that will impress—if done correctly.

Geometric/Tribal: For an edgy version of the statement necklace, choose one that has a geometric or tribal design. Sharp angles and clear lines will add a no-nonsense edge to your outfit, such as this Rhinestone Shard bib necklace from Nordstrom or this geometric statement necklace from Guess. Meanwhile, a necklace design with tribal motifs is guaranteed to give clothing basics that extra “oomph,” like this Spring Street Design Group "Daly" bib necklace.

Choker: Choker necklaces sit higher around the throat and are close-fitting. With chokers, consider the length and width of your neck. If you have a slender and longer neck, you have the option of wearing a wider choker necklace or a thinner one. However, if your neck is a bit on the shorter and wider side, try sticking to a thinner necklace for a more flattering appearance.

Thanks to its Victorian influence, the choker statement necklace will glamorize an ensemble with its refined nature. Go for a classic look with this Multi-Strand Faux Pearl Choker from Talbots or a more daring style with this black Decadent Bead Choker by Miss Selfridge. For a more colorful and quirky option, check out Tory Burch’s stunning twisted embroidered choker, hand embellished with metal coil and glass seed beads in silver and gold or turquoise and gold.

Preppy: Preppy statement necklaces are typically vibrant and colorful. Some might have a nautical or floral design, and feminine details such as flowers, ribbon ties and bows will balance out the less than dainty size of the necklaces. This oversized bubble necklace from J. Crew is as a popular choice, available in bright colors such as pink blossom and Kelly green. For a more affordable version, check out Etsy’s shops. Kate Spade’s Moonlight Pearls statement necklace is a very chic and girly choice with flowers, faux pearls, faceted glass, crystal and gold plated metal.

Bib statement necklaces are a fun way to play with your style. Be daring and experiment with a bib statement necklace to update your fashion choices and every day wear!

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