A Buying Guide To Sun Protection And The Best Sunscreen For Your Skin

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A Buying Guide To Sun Protection And The Best Sunscreen For Your Skin

During the hot spring and summer months and even on overcast fall and winter days, sunscreen is a vital deterrent against the sun's powerful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Without proper protection, direct contact with the sun may result in sunburns, wrinkles, leathery skin and worst of all, skin cancer. By proactively applying sunscreen to your skin, you can help to reduce these harmful repercussions of sun exposure.

General Safety Tips

  • Use Enough Lotion: Apply generously to all areas of exposed skin and remember to rub it in thoroughly.
  • Reapply Frequently: Reapply sunblock every two hours and also after contact with moisture or water, such when sweating or swimming.
  • Don’t Be Fooled: A high sun protection factor (SPF) number can be misleading. It does not grant you complete protection from UV rays nor grant you permission to slack off on reapplying. Though a higher SPF may diminish the likelihood of an immediate sunburn, there still can be long-term consequences.
  • Avoid Oxybenzone And Retinyl Palmitate: Avoid sunscreens that list ingredients of oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate (a type of Vitamin A). Oxybenzone is known to cause allergic reactions and has been linked to hormone interference. Retinyl palmitate can quicken the development of tumors and lesions due to sun exposure.
  • Choose Creams Over Sprays: Creams are more effective than sprays, and using a spray may result in inhaling potentially carcinogenic and lung inflammatory particles. If you choose to use a spray, aim carefully and rub the product in well. 
  • Invest In Facial Sunscreen: Instead of applying your normal sunscreen on your face, try investing in an additional facial sunscreen. Facial sunscreens are non-comedogenic, less oily and less likely to cause breakouts and clogged pores.

Face: Want An Everyday Facial Moisturizer With SPF?

Even if you aren’t going out in the sun for a long period of time, incorporate an everyday sunscreen in your daily moisturizing routine for extra preventative measures. Apply the Solar RX moisturizing cosmetic sunblock on your face as a foundation for makeup or alone as a moisturizer, in addition to your neck and hands. Solar Rx is not meant for prolonged, direct sun exposure or to use while sun bathing and activities that may involve water. The product is gluten-free and vegan with a SPF 30+ rating.

Face: Looking For A Convenient Travel Option?

For a sunscreen that’s small enough to carry in a pocket, try the Elemental Herbs Zinc Sunstick. The sunscreen is most effective for facial application and is composed of natural ingredients, such as jojoba, coconut and avocado organic oils. Though not a stick, another travel-sized option is DeVita Interational’s Daily Solar Protective Moisturizer. The sunblock acts as a daily moisturizer with SPF 30+ and is light enough to wear under makeup. A great choice for the environmentally aware, it is vegan friendly and gluten-free.

Face: Dislike The Texture Of Lotions?

The creamy, “slimy” texture of lotion isn’t for everyone. If you prefer an easy powder application of  facial sunscreen, try the Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Powder with SPF 45. The light, matte powder goes on translucent and can work alone, over moisturizer or over makeup. Just shake gently, remove the cap and press the brush’s bristles gently against your skin. To close, pull the bottom down before replacing the cap. The powder is ideal for oily skin.

Face: Looking For An Anti-Aging Feature?

Though all sunscreens can be considered anti-aging, the ZO Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen Primer SPF 30 is especially intended to reduce photo aging with ingredients to hydrate, soothe and smooth the skin. The tinted lotion also multitasks as a makeup primer and consists of natural melanin and UVA/UVB protection for daily use.

Body: Follow An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle?

If you live a healthy, green and active lifestyle, you’ll appreciate Elemental Herbs’ Sunscreen Sport SPF 30. The gluten-free, vegan formula not only includes the usual UVA/UBA broad spectrum protection, but also 75 percent certified organic ingredients and is 100 percent free of any genetically modified organisms (GMO free).

Body: Will You Be In the Water?

The Eco Formula Sunscreen with SPF 30 from Raw Elements is a notable choice for those who intend to spend time in the water. It’s fragrance free and is water resistant beyond 80 minutes. Natural and packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the Eco Formula sunscreen is safe for adults and kids. If you want a sunscreen that can be applied underwater, try the equivalent Eco Stick with SPF 30. The applicator allows it to be rubbed in completely or worn as an opaque layer while in the water.

Body: Need A Baby And Child-Friendly Sunscreen?

For an extra safe choice for your darling, try Beyond Coastal’s Kids Natural Sunscreen with SPF 30. Specially formulated for a child’s more sensitive skin, the sunscreen is made of all natural and gluten-free ingredients with no fragrance. It also includes moisturizing elements to hydrate your child’s skin as he or she plays in the sun.  

For the best protection from harmful UV rays, use the right sunscreen on both your face and body — your healthy skin will thank you later.

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