How To Buy The Best Recliner Chair For You

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How To Buy The Best Recliner Chair For You

Relaxation begins at the end of the day when you lay back in your favorite recliner, feet up, snack nearby and nothing more pressing on your mind than watching your favorite show. While lounging in a recliner may be pure relaxation, buying one is a bit more effort. A good recliner is not inexpensive, and you don’t want a large piece of furniture that is out of place in your living room. By choosing the chair that suits your budget, your decorating look and your lifestyle, you’ll be even more content in the most comfortable chair in the house.

Types Of Recliners

While all recliners lower your upper body to a reclining position while elevating your legs, there are different types of recliners available.

Rocker-Recliner: This is what you likely picture when you think of a recliner. In the upright position, the chair can rock; when you pull the lever on the side, the chair reclines. Most are overstuffed and very comfortable.

Reclining Chair: Similar to a rocker-recliner, but the reclining chair does not rock in the upright position.

High Leg Recliner: These look like a regular accent chair, but with a reclining feature. Unlike rocker-recliners, the upholstered portion does not extend to the floor, allowing the legs to show.

Wall Hugger: The solution for limited space. Instead of the recliner moving back as you lower yourself, the recliner moves forward. With a traditional recliner, you will need at least a foot of space between the back of the chair and the wall. With a wall hugger, that distance is reduced to around 6 inches.

Powered Recliner: These recliners have a motorized lifting mechanism that raises the chair up to gently set the user on his feet. Perfect for those with limited mobility, arthritis or joint replacement.

Massaging Recliner: These chairs have mechanized rollers, kneaders or rotating disks inside that give a soothing massage to your back and legs. Often, the chair also has a heating option.

Pushback Recliners: These chairs require a “push” from the user to recline, rather than pulling on a lever. Pushback chairs generally look more stylish and contemporary than traditional recliners.

What To Look For In A Recliner

The movement of a recliner puts a lot of wear-and-tear on the chair, so choosing a quality piece of furniture is important. A well-made recliner will last 10 years or longer. Your recliner should have a hardwood or steel frame, not pressboard or soft wood. The fasteners should be heavy-duty metal screws, not plastic. A broken screw can leave you with a recliner that no longer reclines, so don’t overlook this point. Your recliner should have at least a three-year manufacturer’s warranty against damage or malfunction.

Leather is always a popular, stylish and long-lasting choice for the chair’s upholstery, but if you prefer fabric, wool is very durable. Good-quality microfiber is another possibility and has a soft, suede-like feel. Thinner cottons or inexpensive synthetics are to be avoided, as they may not stand up to the rigors of recliner use.

Do You Want The Ultimate In Relaxation?

Imagine relaxing in your recliner after a hard day at work, while the chair delivers a shiatsu-like massage to your aching back. No need to imagine, when you could be living the experience in the McAlister Reclina-Rocker from La-Z-Boy. If you don’t mind a chair that looks a videogame component, the Osaki OS-4000 kneads you from neck to feet and lets you choose between several styles of massages. If you prefer a more contemporary appearance, the Omega Skyline not only has three massage settings for your comfort, it also provides soothing heat and has an MP3 player with headphones for further enjoyment.

Do You Need A Little Boost To Stand?

If arthritis or other mobility-reducing ailments have made it difficult to rise up from a chair, a powered lifting recliner will give you that extra boost. There’s no need to wait for assistance or feel embarrassed to be trapped in your chair. With the Clayton Luxury Lift Power Recliner, not only do you get help in getting up, you can also receive a massage or warmth for extra comfort to sore joints. If you are looking for a recliner that goes all the way to full recline, the jcp home Leather Power-Bed Lift Recliner is your answer. It’s big and overstuffed; has massage and heat functions, a cup holder and magazine pocket; and helps lift you to your feet.

Do You Want a Recliner That Doesn’t Look Like A Recliner?

If you’ve always wanted the comfort of a recliner, but have held out for fear you would end up with something that looks at home in Grandpa’s living room, your time has come. The Riley High Leg Recliner comes with a mind-boggling 1,000 choices of upholstery and has a clean, classic style that would fit in any living room. If you want a chair that doesn’t take up excessive room, the country classic design of the Ferguson High Leg Recliner brings a warm touch of style to your home.

Is Your Style Contemporary?

If your home is sleek and contemporary, you might have never even considered a recliner. But not every recliner is overstuffed or old-fashioned. There are models that are quite sophisticated, suitable for even the most contemporary room. With curved chrome legs and arms, bright leather upholstery and a rounded, clean design, the Billie Recliner is definitely not Grandpa’s recliner. The Zero Gravity Perfect Chair is simple in design, but big on comfort, holding your body in a relaxed position.

Reclining chairs have always meant comfort. They are perfect for relaxing, watching television or even taking a nap. The only downside to a recliner is it’s likely to become the most popular chair in the house, and you might find it already occupied when you’re ready to relax!

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