Meow Mix: The Best Cat Litter Box, Cat Tree And More

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Meow Mix: The Best Cat Litter Box, Cat Tree And More

Move over dogs! There is a new man's best friend in town, and this animal is far too dignified to bark at an innocent mailman. Cats are said to be the ideal house pet: They don't demand excessive attention, stay clean on their own and are housebroken easily. If you are a proud cat owner, treat your pretty kitty to the best products to keep it happy as can be.

Don’t Want To Compromise Your Décor?

Basic litter boxes and cat trees are not always the most attractive additions to a home, especially when they starkly stand out among modern furniture. Maintain the beauty in your home with special cat accessories that blend in with your décor.

An active cat loves to climb over anything it can get its paws on, and the Sebastian Modern Cat Tree will certainly illustrate that characteristic. Available in white or black, the structure is functional with six separate levels complete with scratching material and carpet to lounge on. It also features a striking and modern design that will accent any home.

Meanwhile, the Merry Products Washroom Pet House and Litter Box might look like a pretty coffee table or nightstand, but it can also serve as a litter box cover or pet house for your cat. A multi-tiered shelf space can hold several items, and the product also offers a stainless steel towel bar on its side. Another incognito choice is the Good Pet Stuff. Co. Hidden Litter Box with a filtered vented system. At first glance, all you will see is a plant with moss topping in a clay pot. Upon closer inspection, the pot actually discreetly holds and hides your cat’s litter box.

Do You Have More Than One Cat?

If you have more than one cat in your home, you might identify with the issue of one cat hogging all the food. Or, perhaps your cats require tailored diets due to health complications, but you can’t always be home to hand feed every special meal.

Solution: The Gatefeeder. It controls cat feedings by utilizing a collar mounted “Smart ID” that allows only one cat access to its feeder. If any of your cats are overweight, it also supervises individual eating for regulated diets. Last but not least, the Gatefeeder enforces sanitary measures, decreasing chances of food messes and odor. One unit per cat is recommended.

Do You Go Out Of Town Often?

As if leaving your baby kitten for an hour or two wasn’t hard enough, going out of town for an extended period can be further heart wrenching. Give yourself peace of mind during time away with inventive products that can take care of the cat in your absence.

The Litter Robot is a self-cleaning, automatic litter box. A weight-activated sensor detects when your cat enters the box’s chamber. After 7 minutes, it starts a clean cycle to clump the litter, deposit waste in a drawer lined with a garbage bag and rotate for a new, clean bed of litter. With no rakes or wire, the Litter Robot avoids nuisances like jamming and clogging.

Keep your cat entertained while you’re away with the Twitch Automated Cat Toy. Attach the toy via suction cup to a smooth surface, set the “Away” mode and then the toy will execute 10-minute play sessions with its bouncing ball, feather and bell toy throughout the day. When you are home, you can switch the toy to single play mode for more interactive play.

Do You Trim Your Cat’s Claws?

If you take on the task of keeping your cat’s nails neat and trim, make it painless with a specialized tool. The Dremel Pet Grooming Kit is cordless, giving total control over the rotary tool that gently grinds down on claws. You even get to choose one of two rotation speeds best suited for the task.

Conversely, if your cat jerks at the sound of an electric trimmer, try out the Scaredy Cut Silent Clipper. The manual tool consists of scissors and an attached comb that evenly trims cat nails without giving off loud vibrations.

Do You Constantly Find Cat Hair Around The House?

One of the negative aspects of having a furry companion is the seemingly never-ending discovery of cat hair around the house. If your regular vacuum is insufficient in picking up the small hairs of your cat, check out the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vac. The lightweight unit features a flexible rubber contour nozzle and is designed specifically for pet hair pickup.

They say a happy cat creates a happy home. With the right products, keep the troubles of owning a cat to a minimum and focus on the joys of owning a cat instead.

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