Bedroom Set Styles And Buying Guide

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Bedroom Set Styles And Buying Guide

If you're looking for a new bedroom set, first pick the style that fits your home and personality best. From formal, traditional styles like French or Victorian to light hearted and comfortable themes like rustic and Cape Cod, you're sure to find the best bedroom set for your home.


Tuscan themed bedroom sets blend the best of European elegance with Mediterranean vacations. Pieces are often both worn and ornate, using metal detailing and accents set against “sun-beaten” woods. Tuscan furniture reflects the intricate stylings of Italian design, blended with more casual materials you’d find in a small, beachside home off the coast of Italy. This is a good choice for homes built and/or decorated in the Mediterranean, Italianate, ranch and Spanish style. 

Cape Cod

Cape Cod style is best defined by the mixture of New England refinement and fresh-off-the-beach comfort. Seen frequently in homes along the East Coast, Cape Cod style utilizes wood, often painted white, in traditional styles to create a sophisticated but welcoming feel. Cape Cod style bedroom sets pair well with white, light blue and light yellow walls and linens, and are appropriate in homes decorated and/or built in the Cape Cod, farmhouse and colonial style.


If you dream of waking up in a remote mountain cabin each morning, rustic bedroom sets are the choice for you. Made of rugged, natural wood and worn iron pieces, rustic bedroom furniture should evoke feelings of relaxation and traditional mountain lodges. Furniture in this style is typically large and bulky, so you may want to avoid it for very small bedrooms. Rustic bedroom sets work well in homes built and/or decorated in the log cabin, craftsman and farmhouse style.


If you enjoy all things frilly, ornate and probably covered with gold, then the French style is for you. Select one of these bedroom sets for ornately designed headboards, gracefully curved dressers and hand carved mirrors fit for a king. French bedroom sets work best in homes built and/or decorated in the federal, French provincial, Greek revival, Italianate, pre-war, neoclassical and Tudor revival style.


If you’re sick of clutter, fuss and a general abundance of things in your bedroom, then a modern bedroom set is the best choice for you. Sleek designs, minimal detailing and functionality are the key features in this style, making it popular in urban homes and small bedrooms where every inch of space counts. Modern design rides a fine line between casual and elegant, and can be made to appear more formal or relaxed depending on the bedding and accessories you use with it. This allows modern styled bedroom sets to fit just as well in a children’s bedroom as it does in luxury penthouse suites.


Like Victorian homes, Victorian bedroom sets are large, highly detailed and usually high priced. Intricately carved patterns and designs on dark wooden headboards, tables and chests give this furniture style a very formal, very traditional appearance, as it originated during the reign of Queen Victoria in the mid 1800s. Though Victorian bedroom sets are sometimes used in combination with modern decor for a gothic, high style look, it’s typically best left for classically fashioned homes built and/or decorated in the colonial, federal, French provincial, Greek revival, Italianate, neoclassical, pre-war, Tudor revival and Victorian style.

American Colonial

True to its name, American colonial furniture takes the best of European stylings and makes it better. Less ornate than heavier, more detailed European designs, this style fits well in traditionally styled homes with a slightly relaxed feel. Simple designs, sturdy construction and a classic appeal make this bedroom set popular in many homes across the country. This style is frequently seen in darker woods, but can also be painted white for an even more casual look. Pick an American colonial bedroom set for a home built and/or decorated in the prairie, Greek revival, colonial, Cape Cod or Victorian style.

Take a look around your home and bedroom to determine what style you already have. If you’re starting from scratch, consider what style you want. For a formal look, choose a French or Victorian bedroom set. For a casual, cozy, rugged feel, Rustic bedroom sets are your best bet. For something in between, try American colonial, modern, Cape Cod or Tuscan sets, all of which offer unique details and varying levels of structure and formality. 

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