How To Shop For The Perfect Bathtub

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How To Shop For The Perfect Bathtub

If you walk into a home goods store and announce that you need a bathtub, the slew of questions that will come your way may shock you. Sure, you can run home and measure your existing space for dimensions, but what exactly are you hoping to achieve with your bathtub?

If your instinct is to answer with a sheepish, "To feel squeaky clean, I guess?" then you've got a little more thinking to do. Don't worry – by the time you're done considering your options, you'll be glad you took the time to find a bathtub that truly fits your lifestyle.

Do You Need A Quality, Budget-Friendly Bathtub And Shower?

If you’re adhering to a tight budget and designing a separate shower and bathtub is simply making you see too many dollar signs, opt for a pre-fabricated shower and bathtub combo. Remember to make it everything you hoped for:

  • Without Doors: If choosing a beautiful shower curtain is a major part of your bathroom decorating process.
  • With Doors: If you prefer the tighter seal of a door, as well as the streamlined appearance. You can choose from clear, frosted or textured glass – just remember that clear glass means absolutely no privacy.

Do You Want A Bathtub For Relaxation?

If soaking the day’s cares away is the name of the game, a whirlpool tub chock-full of jets is the holy grail of bathtubs. Remember to focus on the details:

  • Safety Features: Make sure your bathtub has a hand bar for careful entering and exiting and a non-slip floor.
  • The Right Dimensions: If you’re 6-feet-tall and the bathtub comfortably fits a reclining child, but certainly not an adult, you might not feel as relaxed as you had hoped.
  • Room For Two: If you plan on sharing the bathtub with a loved one, you will need a bathtub built for two.
  • The Perfect Jets: Adjustable jets allow you to create different jet settings, depending on the areas of your body that needs a massage. You can move directional jets around at will. Air jets create a gentle experience while power massage jets offer high-powered, heavy-duty pressure.

Do The Dimensions Of Your Bathroom Require Special Setup?

Every bathroom has its own particular setup, so one type of bathtub certainly does not fit all. Consider your bathroom’s design and choose accordingly so you don’t end up with an awkward situation.

  • Drop-In Bathtub: If you plan on placing your bathtub into a platform or surrounding it with a decorative case, a drop-in bathtub is the tub for you.
  • Three-Wall Alcove/Recessed Bathtub: The space in your bathroom that is empty and waiting for three-wall alcove/recessed bathtub has a long wall along the back and two short walls that will flank the bathtub.
  • Corner Bathtub: Often designed with a rounded or angled open edge, a corner bathtub fits securely into the corner of a room and looks more triangular in shape than classic tubs. 

Are You Looking For A Free-Standing Tub?

If you look upon your bathtub as a holy throne or if you love any decorative nod to the past, then a free-standing tub is right up your alley. However, don’t be fooled into thinking every bathtub is alike. You can choose according to your particular aesthetic, of course.

  • Claw Foot: The type of bathtub you would expect to see in a Victorian home, complete with ornate “feet” that resemble claws. Some also come with a raised back for comfortable lounging.
  • Sleek And Modern: Other free-standing tubs will offer a very streamlined appearance. Whether a round soaking tub, an egg shape or a rectangular bathtub for a contemporary feel, these bathtubs lend a particularly luxe vibe to your bathroom.

Are You Looking For A Durable Bathtub?

Have children who like to color on everything? Housing two adorable canines who love a good roll in the dirt? Opt for an acrylic bathtub. The color runs throughout the entire piece, so you will not experience any flaking or fading. Acrylic also retains heat and is durable, long-lasting and easy to clean. Remember to add a non-slip floor!

Do You Have Special Needs?

If you need a bathtub that supports special needs, make your wishes known – anything you could ever want is right at your fingertips. Make sure your bathtub is ADA (American Disabilities Act)-compliant. Look for bathtubs with desired features:

Sure, shopping for a bathtub is a little more complex than you may have imagined. However, that extra time you spent picking out those jets or that amazingly streamlined appearance – every time you step foot in the bathroom you will smile knowing that cozy, tranquil bathtub feels like a dream with each and every soak.

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