6 New and Improved Bachelorette Party Ideas

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6 New and Improved Bachelorette Party Ideas

From the moment your best friend showed up at the doorstep with a rock on her finger, the gears in your head started turning with thoughts of throwing the best farewell to freedom – ahem, bachelorette – party of the century.

But, when your best friend is more of a traditional Charlotte than a vampy Samantha, the stereotypical and rambunctious ideas of a Vegas trip, bar crawls and strip clubs aren’t exactly plausible options. However, it is completely possible to stay classy and still have a very successful weekend away from bridal stress.

1. Camping/Glamping

A weekend getaway in nature is a nice escape from not only the hustle and bustle of city life, but also the hectic frenzy of wedding planning. An ex-girl scout bachelorette might enjoy the activities of camping out in tents, roasting s’mores and going fishing and hiking with her best friends.

But camping doesn’t have to imply roughing it, thanks to the advent of “glamping,” or glamorous camping. With glamping, you get to enjoy the great outdoors with the comforts of home. Choose from a variety of luxurious resorts and campgrounds equipped with full staffs, five star dining and even spas. Or, create your own version of a cozy getaway by renting a cabin, and spend the day outside by the lake and the night sipping on hot chocolate by the fireplace.

2. Spa Day/Weekend

Booking a spa trip will guarantee zero complaints from the rest of the bachelorette party, each of whom will happily welcome the thought of facials, massages, body wraps, manicures, pedicures and other beauty treatments. It’s also a highly-anticipated break for a frazzled bride to stop, breathe and reconnect with her friends amid nuptial-planning chaos.

If you don’t want to host the bachelorette celebration at a spa resort, plan for a private spa day at home instead. Set up your own spa room, or hire professionals who can make the trip to a residence and pamper the soon-to-be bride and her friends.

3. Wine Tasting Tour

As if the beauty of a vineyard wasn’t enough, there are also the clear perks of ever-flowing wine. Napa Valley is a favorite among wine connoisseurs, and there are plenty of other ideal wine tasting destinations in Central California, Southern California, New York, Virginia and more. Take an adventurous road trip to the vineyard destination, and don’t forget the road trip essential of sing-along mix CDs!

Upon arrival at a quaint bed-and-breakfast or hotel, put on your prettiest dresses and indulge in fine wine, cheeses and breads – a much more refined affair than the typical pub crawl. Hire a limo or party bus to tour multiple vineyards so everyone gets to safely join in on the fun.

4. Pole Dance Class

So strip clubs might make the shy bachelorette uncomfortable, but a chance to reveal her inner sex-kitten among select company might not be as intimidating. Sign up for a private group pole dancing class to enjoy fun with a slight naughty edge. Not only do you get a decent workout from the physically active day, you probably will get plenty of good laughs as well. Zumba, hip-hop and salsa are also entertaining booty-shaking options for classes, if the thought of pole dancing is still a little too risqué for the bride-to-be’s preference.

5. Dinner/Fondue Party                            

A bachelorette party doesn’t always have to be a huge, extravagant event. Keep things simple and sweet with a dinner party to round up all of the bachelorette’s good friends, along with delicious food and drinks. Pop a couple bottles of bubbly to celebrate the upcoming momentous milestone, or bring out a fondue machine so guests can enjoy special treats dipped in chocolate and cheese.

6. Throwback Sleepover

Another way to keep things relatively low-key is throwing a giant sleepover. Perhaps the nights of staying up late, painting each other’s nails and gossiping about boys are a distant thing of the past, but a bachelorette slumber party is the perfect opportunity to relive those precious moments – minus the toilet papering expeditions of neighbor’s houses. Since guests will most likely be of legal drinking age, add adult touches, such as Jell-O shots and spiked punch. After a full night of beauty sleep, enjoy a tasty brunch with champagne and mimosas to continue the reminiscing of earlier days and conversations about the exciting future.

A classy bachelorette party has just as much fun-potential as a wild one. But regardless of which route the bachelorette party-planner decides to take, it’s bound to be a night that the bachelorette will appreciate and always remember.

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