A Buying Guide To The Best Alarm Clocks

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A Buying Guide To The Best Alarm Clocks

As much as you would love to stay under the covers on a chilly morning, the day demands getting out of bed. Hardly an easy task, but with the help of an alarm clock, it's more likely to be accomplished. Whether you are a deep sleeper, want to wake up to the sounds of smooth jazz or are constantly on business trips, find the right alarm clock for you.

Are You Hard Of Hearing Or Simply A Heavy Sleeper?

If the sound of most alarm clocks can’t shake you from deep slumber, try out an alarm clock with vibration features, along with a higher volume capability. One great example is the Sonic Boom alarm clock. This alarm clock is guaranteed to wake up even the deepest of sleepers. If the loud, 113db adjustable tone and volume control doesn’t do the trick, then the powerful 12-volt vibrating bed shaker will. What’s more, you’re less likely to resort to unproductively pressing the “snooze” button when you’ve been jolted awake by this “Sonic Boom.”

Do You Tend To Press Snooze Over And Over Again?

Having an alarm clock might be the first step to solving an oversleeping problem, but it’s pointless when you press the snooze button until you’re late anyway. Try an alarm clock that forces you to work to earn an extra five minutes of sleep.

The Clocky Alarm Clock On Wheels is an awesome solution—and possibly your worst nightmare, if you tend to take advantage of the snooze button. It shows mercy the first time you hit snooze, which can be set prior for 0 to 9 minutes. Afterward, Clocky will run away while beeping repeatedly and flashing its screen. The mobile clock can jump from up to 3 feet off your nightstand and land on its two wheels. The wheels are removable, if you would rather enjoy a stationary and less demanding alarm.

Does Your Child Wake Up Long Before You Do?

Every minute of permissible sleep is precious, and that is something toddlers typically do not understand. The Teach Me Time! Alarm Clock is an innovative product to help children recognize time and when it’s OK to go jump in their mother and father’s bed. It offers multiple instructive utilities, such as an “OK to Wake!” dual-color night-light that glows yellow in the evening’s bedtime and green at a selected morning hour. Pressing the clock’s right toe triggers a time of day announcement, and parental controls are concealed away from snooping toddler fingers.

Are You Often Away On Business Trips?

Sleeping in a hotel doesn’t automatically mean sleeping in. For travelers who must follow strict schedules on business trips, look for a consistent portable alarm that is lightweight and small enough to fit in a carry-on bag. Although most hotels offer alarm clock radios in their rooms and front desk wake-up calls, a travel alarm clock is a smart backup plan. Not to mention, it could also come in handy for that quick rental car snooze or layover nap in the airport.

The Westclox Travelmate Folding Alarm Clock comes in a no-nonsense, black design and folds flat for ideal transportable use. Its small size can even fit in a pocket for convenient carrying.

Do You Enjoy The Sounds Of Nature?

Rude awakenings, such as beeping and honking, are not the idyllic wakeup call for everyone. The sounds of nature, however, are a more pleasing choice. For individuals who can be gently stirred awake, try the Sony Nature Sounds Clock Radio. The clock and its soothing sounds can also be used at night to help you peacefully drift to la-la-land. Additional features include a 100-year calendar, extendable snooze, blue backlight display, indoor temperature display, AM/FM radio with 10 station presets and current time wall projection.

Conair’s Sound Therapy and Relaxation Clock Radio is a parallel alternative, but with more sound selections: summer night, white noise, thunderstorm, running stream, ocean waves, songbird, rainfall, tropical forest, waterfall and heartbeat. Though it is especially designed for infants, adult similarly enjoy the calming sounds.

Do You Want A Customized Alarm Sound?

Unimpressed with the alarm options that most products have to offer? Go for a stereo speaker dock that can connect to your iPod mp3 player and has FM radio. The Sony Clock Radio for iPod is a clear choice for customized alarm tones. The small size and minimal design makes it a perfect nightstand or desk accessory. Use it to listen to podcasts at night and play music during the day while it charges your iPod.

Wake up to a beautiful new day without the worry of feeling rushed or being late by picking out an effective alarm clock best fit for you and your lifestyle.

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