Pros and Cons of Airbrush Makeup

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Pros and Cons of Airbrush Makeup

When you need to look your best, choosing how you do your makeup is important. Airbrush makeup is a great way to go if you're looking for a unique, flawless look. Before you commit to airbrush makeup done at home or done by a professional, check out these pros and cons to decide if airbrush makeup is right for you.

Pro: The Flawless Look

The biggest appeal to airbrush makeup is the natural, flawless look that it gives your skin. The lightweight airbrush makeup is thick enough to cover up any blemishes, acne, or scars on your skin and make it look silky smooth without giving you the “cake face” look of too much foundation. Airbrush makeup will make your skin look silky smooth, and it will appear to be natural as well.

Pro: Light as a Feather

Another great quality of airbrush makeup is that it feels better than regular foundation. Your pores will not be clogged with creams because the airbrush makeup is gently and thinly applied to your skin. Not only will you feel better while you are wearing it, but your skin will thank you later when you take off your make up without feeling grimy and dirty. Because the makeup is so lightweight, you can also layer it for the perfect look while still appearing au naturale. 

Pro: Long Lasting

Unlike other makeup, airbrush makeup will not come off through dry rubbing. Airbrush makeup won’t rub off on clothes so your whites will stay white, and you won’t leave behind part of your makeup when you greet your loved ones with a hug. This makes airbrush makeup a great choice for weddings so you won’t ruin that beautiful white dress with makeup smudges.

Pro: Cleanliness

Airbrush makeup is the cleanest and most sanitary way to apply makeup, which is great for those that have sensitive skin. This also means your skin will feel cleaner all day long and the skin underneath the makeup will be perfectly clean – no residue from other brushes or sponges on your face.

Con: Liquid Removal

While airbrush makeup won’t come off with dry rubbing, it certainly will with liquid. This doesn’t just mean water at the end of the day – any sweat will take the makeup right off because it is so fine. This will lead to streaks, and it won’t look pretty. If you’re planning to go to an outdoor summer event, you may want to stick to your normal foundation.

Con: Expensive

Airbrush makeup looks amazing, but it will cost you. If you choose to do your makeup yourself, airbrush makeup equipment can go for at least a hundred dollars in startup costs alone. Makeup artists will also charge you extra if you decide to go with airbrush makeup because of the extra labor and materials involved.

Con: No Touch Ups

Because airbrush makeup requires big, bulky equipment, you can’t just carry it around with you when you need a touch up. Once you walk away from the machine, your makeup is set for the day and touch ups will be nearly impossible. While airbrush makeup is long lasting, be aware of any things that could potentially ruin your makeup throughout the day like sweat or rain. If that is a threat, consider using regular foundation and carrying your foundation with you for touch ups.

Con: Difficult to Use

If you choose to invest in your own airbrush makeup equipment, make sure you know what you are getting into. It will take some time to learn how to use it properly, so don’t buy it the day before a big event. The machines are also loud and bulky, which makes them difficult to travel with because they will take up a big chunk of space.

Airbrush makeup definitely looks great, but it isn’t perfect for every person or every event. Before you choose how you will do your makeup for your next big day, take some time to consider what style you need and the factors involved in your event.

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