Cheap And Creative Stocking Stuffers Under $20 For Adults

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Cheap And Creative Stocking Stuffers Under $20 For Adults

Don't limit the delight of finding goodies in an oversized stocking to only the pint sized members of your family. In the generous fashion of holiday spirit, treat the older members of your home with fun and creative stocking stuffers, all under $20.

For The Party Animal

Honey, I shrunk the... red cups? For a cuter and more eco-friendly version of the disposable red plastic cup, fill a stocking with a set of ceramic shot glass look-alikes. The miniature glasses may trigger some college memories and can also spice up that mug of eggnog. 

For The Tough Guy Or Gal

Give a daily coffee drinking routine an extra edge with Fred & Friends’ Fisticup Ceramic Mug. From a front view, the mug looks like the typical plain white mug. Upon catching a glimpse of its handle, you realize this is no ordinary mug — the metallic handle resembles a set of brass knuckles.

For The Tech Nerd

Greatly improve a cellphone’s lens with Photojojo’s Easy Macro Cell Lens Band. The stretchy band can be kept around a card in the recipient’s wallet or even on his or her wrist for easy access.  Once on the cellphone, photos will be sharper and more stunning than ever!

For The Wine Connoisseur

Instead of using a beat up old cork, wine lovers can use a pretty set of specially made wine bottle stoppers, such as this set of three red bows from the Martha Stewart Collection. Not only are they an attractive addition to any holiday décor, they also work to keep open bottles fresh.

For The Mustached Man

For a guy who takes pride in his superior ‘stache, add a tin of Firehouse Moustache Wax in his stocking. The “Wacky Tacky” provides excellent hold for even the most unruly of hairs. Include a classy looking tortoise comb to further shape and tame any hairy goodness.

For The Video Gamers

Long before Wii and other newfangled game consoles, there was Super Nintendo. And on Super Nintendo, Mario Kart reigned supreme. For an old school video gamer (who can somehow even kill a cactus plant), gift the 8 bit Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant. Add a little note to remind him or her not to get too close to this carnivorous plant!

For The Cat Lady

You’re guaranteed to get laughter from a cat lady (or cat man) with the acclaimed publication, “I Could Pee On This And Other Poems By Cats.” The tongue-in-cheek collection of poetry from feline minds helps to explain their odd behavior to human owners, including poems titled “This Is My Chair” and “Kneel Before Me.”

For The Music Lover

In an era of iPods and MP3 players, lost is the magic of vintage record players and that unique sound quality of vinyl. Evoke wistful nostalgia with a set of record coasters to house drinks and brighten and protect furniture.

For The Strictly Carnivorous

If someone loves bacon, cater to his or her hungry desires. Bacon products are aplenty nowadays, including gourmet and gluten-free bacon chocolate caramel popcorn and a hickory smoked, uncured bacon and dark chocolate bar. There’s even a chocolate chip bacon pancake mix available — all items for a very tasty gift!

For The Very Vegan

Meat isn’t for everyone, and neither is kale. But vegans and vegetarians often love the incredibly nutritious leafy green vegetable and will appreciate a yummy and natural kale snack in their stockings. Or, they’ll value effective and eco-friendly bath products, like this King of Skin butter bar made of ingredients such as avocado, bananas, oatmeal and almond oil.

For The Messy Eater

Someone who ends up with crumbs all over his or her lap while eating probably needs this Mini Robot Vacuum from FredFlare. Just press the top button, and the battery-powered, tiny cleaning device will sweep up the doomed debris that lays in its path.

Have fun picking out your stocking gifts. After all, they are meant to be playful and will surely add to the holiday spirit.

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