11 Looks Men Love on Women

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11 Looks Men Love on Women

Ever wonder what it is that a guy loves about you? Is it your hair? Lips? Eyes? Maybe it's your sharp sense of style. It's been said that men love the all-natural look of a woman; this is not to say that they don't like any makeup at all, simply enough to accentuate the best. What are the things and looks that men notice and love on a woman? Read the following guide to 11 looks men love on women to find out.

Simple Makeup

Clean, simple makeup is more inviting than layers of face paint; your guy wants to be able to kiss your face without having to worry about any of your makeup rubbing off on him. Men prefer a natural look or something that accents your natural beauty, not masks it. Don't discourage a good night's kiss by wearing too much lipstick; stick with tinted lip balm or sheer lipstick instead.

Smokey Eyes

There's nothing sexier and sultrier than a pair of smokey eyes. Men find this look sexy and appealing, but only when done in the right amount. To avoid overly dramatic eyes, create a smokey eye look with gray or brown eyeliners and shadows. Putting on too much eye makeup may scare him away.

Rosy Cheeks

Rosy cheeks—whether natural or faked—are a sign of vitality and health. A good work out can help you achieve a naturally rosy look, but you can get this sweet look by sweeping some blush on your cheeks. Keep the look light and natural for best results.

All Natural

Men don't like anything that obviously looks fake—they want to see the real you. Unless you can apply false eyelashes in the most seemingly natural way, steer away from fake lashes, hair extensions or anything that would otherwise say, "What you see isn't what you get." Imagine the day he sees your hair extensions laying around in the bathroom—instant freak out!

Healthy Hair

Men don't care, and most of the time won't notice, if your hair is a little messy. What is important to them is that you have healthy, well maintained hair. Perfectly styled or neat hair is not sexy unless it's shiny, soft and healthy; dry and brittle hair is a sign of poor health.

Effortlessly Done Locks

More so than an ultra polished, meticulously coiffed 'do, men like the natural unruliness of a healthy mane. Soft styles like waves and tousled locks are preferred; dramatic hair that is edgy or zealously done is not. Up-dos should remain with the same effortless appeal. Keep your style simple and elegant; nothing too slicked back and severe.

Great Skin

Men love being able to touch you and feel soft, healthy skin. Maintaining your skin hydrated and properly moisturized is important not only to impress a man, but for the simple sake of having healthy skin. Now, so what if you skipped your tanning sessions this month? He doesn't care! But on the contrary, he will notice if you are overly tanned and look unnatural.

Showing Off Some Skin

Not in the way you'd imagine though! The key isn't to reveal too much of your body with a sky-high mini and cropped top; just a little bare neck, décolletage and shoulders is all it takes for a guy to swoon. Sheer, soft fabrics are also a good choice for a peek-a-boo skin effect. Just be sure to cover up properly with a camisole or tank top, when needed.

Nicely Manicured Nails

You don't have to go to the salon every two weeks to impress your guy, but maintaining a nice set of nails speaks volumes. Naturally shaped nails (not pointy or too square) as well as a reasonable length (just past your fingertips) are ideal. Clear nails are natural and fuss-free, while sheer pink is feminine, but a little dose of red polish every now and then is sexy!

Flattering Fashion

Men like to appreciate the femininity of women and, consequently, like to see women in clothes that flatter the figure. Don't hide beneath oversized or unshapely clothes; embrace your shape and accentuate your figure with feminine, properly fitted clothes.

A Great Smile

One of the best things a man loves about any woman is her ability to light up room with her smile, so don't hide your smile! Guys like to see you happy; a happy and confident woman is an approachable and attractive woman. Make it genuine too—who cares if you get little lines around your mouth when you smile? He certainly doesn't.

Aside from primping and styling, the most attractive aspect of any woman is her personality and positive demeanor. Boost your self-esteem and self-assurance—it will radiate from within, making you even more attractive than any great shade of lipstick could! And remember this above all; men will appreciate your confidence and admire your great personality, even you didn't have time to put on a face-full of makeup or wear a fashion trend that he would rather not see.

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