11 Essentials For Being The Ultimate Maid of Honor

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11 Essentials For Being The Ultimate Maid of Honor

Your best friend just asked you to be the Maid of Honor at her wedding. Excited and flattered, you instantly say, "Yes, of course!" You are so thrilled and honored to be, well, the Maid of Honor. But, do you know what it takes to be the MOH?

The most important role in the bridal party, the Maid (or Matron) of Honor bears a great deal of responsibility. However, you should remember that you are not the wedding planner or a slave to the wedding. By accepting this role, you are, in fact, doing the bride a great favor. That said, below are the 11 essentials to being the ultimate MOH.

1. Be Willing And Able

You have been asked to be the MOH because you are trusted by the bride and, most likely, know her best. Accepting this role means you are willing and able to fulfill the duties in their entirety from beginning to end.

2. Be Supportive

As the MOH, it is your responsibility to provide emotional and logistical support from the beginning stages of planning, to the very day of the wedding. The bride is counting on you to be there at all times, so keep this in mind.

3. Be Assistive

Being the MOH does not mean you are the wedding planner, but you do in a way play the role of personal assistant to the bride. Your job is to assist the bride in making decisions. This does not mean you make the decisions yourself (it's not your wedding), but you do guide her and provide feedback when she is in doubt.

4. Be A Mediator

There is always bound to be some tension or disagreement during the planning stages of a wedding and on the very day. From bridezillas to quarreling guests, you must take immediate action. As the MOH, you need to be ready to mediate tensions and ease the situation to keep things flowing smoothly and painlessly.

5. Be A Leader

While the bridesmaids also serve as support and aid to the bride, it is you who spearheads the group. You are the leader of the pack and the one to look to for guidance and direction. Keep a level head and be logical when taking the lead; however, there is no need to be bossy and controlling.

6. Be a Good Hostess

It is the MOH's responsibility to plan and host the bridal shower and bachelorette party. With the help of the bridesmaids, it's up to you to plan and execute the details of these two events while keeping things affordable and within budget for everyone. Your role as hostess doesn't end there, though – responsibility should also be in effect the day of the wedding.

7. Be Present

It is not your responsibility to plan the wedding, but it is your duty to be present throughout the planning process. From the dress fittings to the cake tastings, and everything in between, the bride is counting on you to be there, even for her freak-out-need-to-vent moments.

8. Be Organized

Weddings can be pretty hectic and get out of control if left in the wrong hands. As the MOH, you should make it a priority to be organized and help things stay organized. By keeping track of logistics and sticking to a plan, your experience as MOH will only be easier.

9. Be Attentive

Your top priority as MOH is the bride. It's your responsibility to make sure she is well at all times: emotionally, physically and psychologically. If she's stressed, comfort her. If she hasn't eaten, fix her a plate. If she's had too much champagne, get her water. Don't smother the bride, but do take notice and immediate attention of her needs.

10. Be Prepared

As MOH, you must be the all-reliable source for things needed. A mix between Mary Poppins and MacGyver, you should always have a rescue kit on hand for those unexpected moments. Everything from tissues to aspirin, safety pins to stain remover, having a well-stocked – but manageable – emergency kit is a must.

11. Be Calm And Graceful

Being MOH may not always be a walk through the park, but because of your influential role and involvement with the wedding, it is imperative that you always remain calm and graceful. You are an ambassador for the bride, and your attitude and personality will reflect upon her and the entire event. No matter how sticky things may get, your job is to keep things at ease and give the bride peace of mind.

Once you know your role and responsibilities as the MOH, your number one priority is to enjoy the ride. It's a big job to fill and can be hectic at times, but the experience should be a rewarding one. If you're a Matron, then lend your expertise as a previous bride. If you've yet to walk down the aisle, take this as a great learning experience so that when it's your time, you know what to expect. And one last thing... don't forget to have fun!

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